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Thread: Wright to van for horvat

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    Default Wright to van for horvat

    Might be clickbait but all the big hockey guys on YouTube are giving it time on their streams lol! The idea being they'd need permission to talk to Horvath and make sure there's a real chance ce he re-signs there but if thats greenlit a return of wright plus actually sounds feasible.

    How would wright do in van?? Can he thrive as a 2c? Can he surpass that and become a franchise center? Ep and wroght if he hits right would be a fantastic situation down the middle. Horvath looks like he'd be a great fit in Seattle too- he plays an honest game the way they do- it might be clickbait but it actually makes a lot of sense i think.

    The big wrench in the spokes is they'd never do wright for a rental- thats crazy talk...

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    Default Re: Wright to van for horvat

    First of all people give it attention cause people love rumors, as of now i do not think there is more to this than that does not mean it cant happen.

    If it does, first of all Seattle would need to have contract agreed to with Horvat or this is too much to pay, if the trade happens however, i do think this limits Wright even more. I do think he has open door to be #1C in Seattle in 2-3 years but i dont think same holds true for Vancouver. Unless EP moves to the wing cause i really dont see the world where he is not on first line ever again. I also know he has LW eligibility but he has been playing C for majority of the season if not exclusively (i dont watch enough van games to know but his 500+ FoW taken so far is pretty explanatory).
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    I feel like they could run separate lines and mash them up on the powerplay. Maybe I'm crazy but I feel like as long as a few of these guys pan out like hoglander and the grumpy Russian kid there- whatever asset they get for boeser (its gonna be beckman- hes awesome!!)- then they actually have a lot of wingers. Miller plays wing predominantly so there's one. If they can keep kizmenko and his chemistry with ep that's two. I think a lot of teams can run two "star" type centers- in Carolina they definitely run two different scoring lines- and then necas gets top billing on the pp and its enough to produce i think. Not quite the Pittsburgh model but pretty close to it. Draisaitls actually a c and pretty sure he has a regular shift where he plays c no? I think it could work...

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    Guess not lol.

    Should be interesting in a yr or two the leaks come out about the potential offers.
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    Default Re: Wright to van for horvat

    Dang! Maybe jt??

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