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Thread: Barbashev vs zacha

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    Default Barbashev vs zacha

    Full dynasty league, 12f 6d 1g 4 bench with 27 minors, 32 teams.
    Cap league (aav)
    Scoring is 1 for g and a, 0.1 for shots hits and blocks

    Barbashev $2.25m this year, then likely getting a raise. 0.85ppg in this league this year, but shooting percentage way down, he was 1.1ppg last year.

    Zacha $3.5m then $4.75m starting next year. 0.9ppg this year, has been 0.8-1.0 fairly consistently over the past few years. Also 2 yrs younger.

    Who’s the better target? Im competitive right now, but not a favourite, i have $3m in cap space but would move a little bit out in the trade to squeeze zacha in.
    Barbashev shooting 9% when his career hes closer to 17% says to me he should be closer to the 1.0+ppg mark and due to a bump for the rest of the year and should get back to that level going forward.
    No idea how zacha is performing other than his shooting percentage is bang on avg and his numbers look pretty consistent with previous years.

    Any strong feelings on a preference this year and next few years?
    Thanks for the insight.

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    Default Re: Barbashev vs zacha

    Tough one. I'd probably go with Barbashev. He won't get anywhere near Zacha's new contract but is similarly productive.
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    Default Re: Barbashev vs zacha

    I agree with Axeman. Barbashev should be cheaper, and at least as productive.
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