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Thread: Prospect Defence (Andrae, Kyrou, Nelson, Ufko, Casey)

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    Default Prospect Defence (Andrae, Kyrou, Nelson, Ufko, Casey)

    Hi, just looking for some thoughts and a ranking on the following defence prospects:

    Andrae (Phi)
    Kyrou (Dal)
    Nelson (Sea)
    Ufko (Nas)
    Casey (NJ)

    How would rank them? Any complete write offs here in a G/A/+-/PIM/SOG/PPP/SHP dyansty (16 team, 12 prospect slots)? Just wondering if I am over-valuing these players here based on their pNHLe. Without watching any games, all these players seem pretty identical to me, smaller offence first players. Other than Casey, I feel like this group belongs to teams that will need someone with their profile in the next few years though being an unsigned NCAA player, perhaps Casey looks to sign somewhere he has a better opportunity for top 4/PP minutes when he wants to make the jump to pro.

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    Default Re: Prospect Defence (Andrae, Kyrou, Nelson, Ufko, Casey)


    Would be my initial set of targets in that order. I think the other two have the same upside, but are a longer shot to actually make it.
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    Default Re: Prospect Defence (Andrae, Kyrou, Nelson, Ufko, Casey)

    Casey has sooo much upside but yea hes not doing much in NJ haha!

    I'm not sure andrae is unopposed so to speak in Philly. I traded York before I had "dug in" on my rebuild and his development has been going really well despite minimal pp time. Also is it just me or have a ton of supposedly very good d prospects went through the Philly system only to flicker out? They were said to have the best young stable of dmen at one point and literally none made the jump lol!

    Ufko looks good. I loathe Nashville prospects but tbh the D is the one place they do seem to develop scoring. That being said its probably a slow grind to what could be closer to a 45 point ceiling than a 60 point one.

    I've got a gm in my league who has pretty solid reads on more "middle tier" prospects (hes had to as a perennial contender) and he was just giddy to draft Kerouac lol! Usually that means I catch up in a year or two and start understanding why they were so hyped lol! He could be good...

    Nelson - I've got nothing...

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    Default Re: Prospect Defence (Andrae, Kyrou, Nelson, Ufko, Casey)

    Andrae (Phi) - Don't know much about this kid, but as another poster said, Phi has destroyed so many of their D prospects, plus unless he really stands out, lot of competition there.

    Kyrou (Dal) - Heiskanen is the guy, plus they got Lundkqivst there as well, bad situation.

    Nelson (Sea) - He's prob in the best situation, Sea doesn't have "the guy" on the backend, Dunn is there for now and he's serviceable, but more of a fill in then a true ppQB. Nelson was a former 1st ovr pick in OHL draft. Hasn't had a history of big production, but has taken a big step this year. He's not a for sure thing, but he's trending in the right direction and doesn't have a lot of impediment in the system.

    Ufko (Nas) - Josi is as good as they come, he's 32yrs old but he's such a smooth and good skater, I don't see his game falling off much over the next 3-4 years, until that time comes, he's the man. As for Ufko, he's looked good and could be the guy in Nsh when Josi loses a step or three, til then, he's 2nd fiddle at best.

    Casey (NJ) - God, what a horrible situation he's in, they already got Hamilton there, plus they got L. Hughes and Nemec on the way, he's not just gonna fight for any pp time at all, he's gonna fight just to be in that top 4, hard pass unless he gets moved or others ahead of him get moved.

    For me it's Ufko or Nelson, the other's I wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole unless they get moved.
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    Default Re: Prospect Defence (Andrae, Kyrou, Nelson, Ufko, Casey)


    To me the current team situation is irrelevant. All of these guys are 3+ years away from fantasy production and so much can happen in that timeframe. When it comes to prospects at this stage in their pro journey, to me skill & upside are all that matters.

    If you have limited prospect spots I'm not sure if any of these guys are worth owning due to uncertainty and length of time to meaningful NHL minutes.

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