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Thread: Daily betting advice

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    I put money on Judge to have most HR when he was just coming back from his last injury. It was like 8/1. He has 3 less bombs than Alonso in almost 50 less ABs.

    Hopefully your big toe is OK.

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    My best bet right now is Bo Bichette for most hits in the league. $7-$91. I can cash out at like $25 right now. I have Jays O91.5w (Pace for 88.8w), and Dodgers missing playoffs at +550 (currently 35-26).

    I need the Padres to turn it on, and the Jays to not face an ALEast team for a while lol.
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    NA: Wright

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    I had Bo for over hits at 169. He already has 90 something.

    I also have Oakland for worst record. They have 13 wins right now and are on pace for under 40.....but they just scored 7 in the 1st vs Pittsburgh. Good day for Ruiz to be out.

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