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Thread: [EXTENSION] MacKinnon

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    Default Re: [EXTENSION] MacKinnon

    He left cash on the table. AM is going to get north of $14M. And probably no cup.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lobo1969 View Post
    Have we seen NHL Signing bonuses this big and the base salaries so small? Mac's regular paycheck through the season is going to look ridulously small, comparitively speaking!
    I doubt we've seen anything like this. The structure here is very, very, very smart for MacKinnon.

    First off, signing bonuses are generally lockout proof.

    Secondly, if you get that money at the start of the league year, you get to use it to invest sooner, and it starts working for you sooner, which helps. It also means he left less money on the table than you may think he did.
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    Matthews Base Salary was between $700k and $775k in his deal. Tavares is $910k, Marner is $750-$775k.

    Mac is getting 46% of his contract in signing bonuses the first 3 yrs
    Matthews got 68.9%
    Marner got 59.9%
    Tavares got 53.7%
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