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Thread: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

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    Default Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Welcome to our 3 round draft! This year, all 3 rounds will be in this one thread. We can make our picks before the schedule (all times Eastern Standard Time) kicks in, but please do not pick until ALL of the picks have been made in front of yours. If you take a player that is on another team's roster or an ineligible player, we won't go back, but you can make another selection to replace that ineligible pick. You can jump in anytime once you realize your pick was made in error. To be clear, even if not all of the picks in front of you have been taken, when your draft date/time come up, you are good to make your pick. Good luck and happy drafting!

    Players eligible to be drafted must have been drafted or signed by an NHL team (at any time in their career) and are not on another team's roster in our league.

    Just a clarification, players dropped since the start of the draft cannot be drafted. Normally, dropped players go through 3 day waivers where anyone can make a claim. That's not possible during the draft phase, so no drafting of those players.

    Round 1

    1-Coverdale River Dogs (from Buffalo Stampede) - C-Wright,S Sea
    2-Bleedblue (from Hamilton Mustangs) - L-Slafkovsky Mtl
    3-Das Chicleteur! (from Coverdale River Dogs) - C-Cooley Arz
    4-Oakland Seals (from Bleedblue) - D-Nemec NJ
    5-Bubba's Boys - C-Savoie,M Buf
    6-The Super Nintendo Chalmers - C/R-Nazar Chi
    7-Distant Yetis (from Das Chicleteur!) - G-Grubauer Sea
    8-The Comish - D-Jiricek CBJ
    9-Nordique - L-Gauthier,C Phi
    10-ridinryan44 - L-Kuzmenko Van
    11-jl67SixtySilverSevens - D-Mateychuk CBJ
    12-Cleveland Barons - C/R-McGroarty Wpg
    13-Legion of Doom - L/R-Miroshnichenko Wsh
    14-Zamboni Draveurs (from Cariboo Cougars) - C-Geekie,C Arz
    15-Razor's Edge (from Loose Puck, Eberle Scores!) - R-Kemell Nsh
    16-Bubba's Boys (from Mercs) - G-Lindgren,C Wsh
    17-Oakland Seals (from Loot Llamas) - C/R-Lekkerimaki Van
    18-Central Red Army - C-Kasper,M Det
    19-Nordique (from Zamboni Draveurs) - D-Korchinski Chi
    20-Das Chicleteur! (Distant Yetis via Minnesota North Stars) - D-Mintyukov Ana
    21-Oakland Seals - L/R-Yurov Min
    22-The Comish (from Razor's Edge) - D-Rathbone,J Van
    23-UnderArmour Runway - L-Ohgren Min
    24-UW Rekening - L-Howard,I TB

    Round 2

    25-UW Rekening - C/R-Lambert,B Wpg
    26-Oakland Seals (from UnderArmour Runway) - R-Snuggerud,J Stl
    27-Coverdale River Dogs (from Razor's Edge) - C-Smith,N Arz
    28-Das Chicleteur! (from Oakland Seals) - C/R-Firkus Sea
    29-Nordique (from Distant Yetis) - D-Mayo Arz
    30-Zamboni Draveurs - C/L-Kulich Buf
    31-Das Chicleteur! (from Central Red Army) - G-Halak NYR
    32-Nordique (from Loot Llamas) - C-Krejci Bos
    33-Mercs - L/R-Balcers Fla
    34-UW Rekening (from Loose Puck, Eberle Scores!) - D-Hutson Mtl
    35-The Super Nintendo Chalmers (from Cariboo Cougars) - R-Mesar Mtl
    36-Legion of Doom - D-Pickering Pit
    37-Cleveland Barons - L/R-Zetterlund NJ
    38-jl67SixtySilverSevens - D-Brodie Tor
    39-ridinryan44 - G-Silovs Van
    40-Nordique - C-Ostlund Buf
    41-Loose Puck, Eberle Scores! (from The Comish) - C/L/R-Trikozov Car
    42-The Super Nintendo Chalmers (from Das Chicleteur!) - L-Ritchie,N Arz
    43-Das Chicleteur! (from The Super Nintendo Chalmers) - D-Blankenburg CBJ
    44-Loot Llamas (from Bubba's Boys) - D-Poirier,Je Cgy
    45-Coverdale River Dogs (from Bleedblue) - R-Dufour NYI
    46-Coverdale River Dogs - L-Chromiak LA
    47-Loot Llamas (from Hamilton Mustangs) - C-Phillips,M Cgy
    48-Distant Yetis (from Buffalo Stampede) - C/L/R-Malgin Tor

    Round 3

    49-Buffalo Stampede - L-Chibrikov,N Wpg
    50-Bleedblue (from Hamilton Mustangs) - D-Lamoureux Arz
    51-Razor's Edge (from Coverdale River Dogs) - D-Coghlan Car
    52-The Super Nintendo Chalmers (from Bleedblue) - C-Brown,L Stl
    53-Bubba's Boys - R-Gauthier,J NYR
    54-Distant Yetis (from The Super Nintendo Chalmers) - L-Blais NYR
    55-Zamboni Draveurs (from Das Chicleteur!) - C-Beck,O Mtl
    56-Mercs (from The Comish) - C/R-Boyd,T Arz
    57-Cariboo Cougars (from Nordique) - L/R-Soderblom,E Det
    58-Razor's Edge (from ridinryan44) - L-Cates,N Phi
    59-jl67SixtySilverSevens - L-Schaefer,R Edm
    60-Cleveland Barons - G-Fucale Wsh
    61-The Super Nintendo Chalmers (from Legion of Doom - G-Blomqvist,J Pit
    62-Cariboo Cougars - C-Foudy CBJ

    Wednesday, October 5

    63-ridinryan44 (from Loose Puck, Eberle Scores!) - PASS
    64-Bubba's Boys (from Mercs) - C/L-Ratcliffe,I Phi
    65-The Comish (from Loot Llamas) - C-Protas Wsh
    66-Central Red Army - D-Harris,J Mtl
    67-Zamboni Draveurs - D-Borgen Sea
    68-Distant Yetis (from Minnesota North Stars) - C/L-Minten Tor
    69-Central Red Army (from Oakland Seals) - D-Xhekaj Mtl
    70-Razor's Edge - D-Wideman,C Mtl
    71-The Super Nintendo Chalmers (from UnderArmour Runway) - D-Havelid,M SJ
    72-Loose Puck, Eberle Scores! (from UW Rekening) - L/R-Buchelnikov Det
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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    With the newly acquired 1st overall pick, the River Dogs select:
    Shane Wright, C, SEA
    BleedBlue is otc

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Bleedblue selects Juraj Slafkovsky

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Das Chicleteur! is happy to select Logan Cooley, C - ARI

    Oakland Seals you’re up.

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Simon Nemec

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Bubba's Boys selects Matthew Savoie
    14 Team Roto; Keep 25; 12 F, 6 D, 2 G; 10 Farm; 5 Bench; 5 IR;

    Salary Cap - 102.5 Mil

    Scoring Cats: G, A, Pts, PIM, Hits, BS, SOG, F Points, D Points; Win+Ties+SO, GAA, SV%


    F: Aho, Larkin, DeBrincat, Vrana, Bennett, Scheifele, Kakko,Tolvanen, McBain,

    D: Heiskanen, Fox, Toews, Lundqvist

    G: Swayman, Andersen, Copley


    F: Gaudreau, Terravainen, Puljujarvi, Kravstov, Zary

    D: Brannstrom, Cernak, Alexeyev

    G: Korpisalo, Merzlikins

    FARM: Rossi, Berggren, Holtz, Savoie, Clarke, Tarasov, Wolf

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    The Super Nintendo Chalmers Is Proud to Select C/RW - Frank Nazar - CHI

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Via email, Distant Yetis select G-Grubauer SEA

    ...and you get a two-fer, The Comish will select with pick 1.8, D-David Jiricek CBJ

    Over to Nordique

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Nordiques proud to select cutter gauthier
    Member of Comish Dynasty 24 team (since the beginning) (Nordique)
    Member of King Of Hockey League (Columbus)
    Member of Great Dynasty (Colorado)
    Member of United Hockey League (Los Angeles)
    Member of Global Hockey league (since the beginning) (Washington)
    Member of Vnhl (Quebec)


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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    I am not proud of this, but I am selecting Andrei "top-six mins guaranteed" Kuzmenko.

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    jlSixtySilverSevens selects: Denton Mateychukc - D - Columbus Blue Jackets

    HELLO CLEVELAND!! Barons are up next.....

    ...if I might add, we are currently dating, and she is quite a handful in the bedroom...

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Cleveland Barons select Rutger McGroarty

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    The Legion selects Ivan Miroshnichenko

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    The Zamboni Draveurs select Conor Geekie - C - Arizona Coyotes

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    Default Re: Comish Dynasty Draft 2022

    Razor's Edge will take Joakim Kemell - NSH

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