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Thread: What to do with Drouin and team assessment

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    Default What to do with Drouin and team assessment

    Hi this is my 1st post ever on these forums

    I’m in a 24 team dynasty league where you keep everyone. Full rosters of 3C, 3RW, 3LW, 3F, 6D ,1G, 4Res, 25 minors, and a unique rule on top of all that is you can also roster all your draft picks until they’ve played their 1st NHL game on top of your 25 minors limit.

    H2H scoring with stats

    My team was solid last year getting to the playoffs and loosing in conference final. That was my 1st full season after taking the team mid season previous year.

    This league has a 1 free drop per offseason rule.
    We can also choose not to accept new contracts and release those players. Of course buyout could be used if necessary

    Salary cap is 10% abouve the NHLs at $90,750,000
    I have around 8mil in cap space with only marginal starter Kurashev remaining unsigned.

    C- Malkin, Coyle, Stephenson
    LW- Drouin, Stutzle, Suter
    RW- Pavelski, J.Anderson, Kapanen
    F- Reaves, Kurachev, M.Johansson
    D- Hedman, Q.Hughes, R.Andersson, Mike Reilly, Fehervary, Peeke
    G- Shesterkin, Quick
    Res - N.Cates, J.McBain, R.Merkley

    Notable/Close Prospects
    F-Borgstrom, Dugan, Andreasson, Anafasyev, Chibrikov, Ostlund, Denisenko, N.Foote, Svechkov, Dorofeyev, Firkus, Olausson, Poltapov, Solderblom, Ylonen, Poltapov,
    D- B.Clarke, Beaudin, Bjornfoot, Andrae, Mikkola, Okhotyuk, Thrun, Vaakanainen.


    1- What to do with Drouin.
    Keep him hoping for something, he has 1 yr remaining. Or use my free drop on him freeing up another 5.5mil

    Free agent market is poor
    My thought was Skinner at 9mil
    But there’s also Johansson, Monahan, Pearson, Hayes, Lucic, JVR, Oshie, Aube-Kubel, C.White, Backstrom, T.Johnson

    2- general team assessment
    I think my D and G are strong, top 9 F are decent but 5 other F really weak.
    What should I do to improve?

    This league also has an opening (possibly 2) if anyone is interested.


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    Default Re: What to do with Drouin and team assessment

    I think you give Drouin this year, as you hope St. Louis' Canadiens offensive improvement is real. If he starts hot, you can trade him.

    I like Aube-Kubel from your FA list. He's cheap, he should provide category coverage, and those are good things. I think there are other options, but for a cheap depth upgrade, he's solid.

    St. Louis' Canadiens looks so wrong, but made sense when I typed it.
    10 team H2H dynasty. 33 player roster, 2 round draft. Start 1 G, 1 backup G, 6 D, 12 F arranged in 4 lines of 3. Only Goals, Assists, Save% matter. Having NHL teammates helps.

    G: Shesterkin
    Backup G: Oettinger
    D: Carlson, Makar, Letang, Eklblad, Fox, Trouba

    F1: Necas, Teravainen, Robertson
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, MacKinnon
    F3: Stamkos, Point, Guentzel
    F4: JT Miller, Boeser, Bertuzzi

    Bench: 2 empty spots for draftees
    G: (none)
    D: Heiskanen, Klingberg, M Reilly
    F: Voracek, Benn, Seguin, Couturier, Giroux, Dahlen, Perfetti, Newhook
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: What to do with Drouin and team assessment

    MSL Canadiens is how I'd type it.
    The Team **CHAMPIONS**
    LW(3)- C(3)- RW(3)- D(4)- G(2)- Bench(4)- IR-

    1 Year Point League 11 Teams *Two Year Champion Streak*
    Player- (G)-3 (A)-2 (+/-)-1 (PPP)-1 (SHP)-2 (GWG)-1 (FW)-0.02 (HITS)-0.1 (BLOCKS)-0.2 (SHOTS)-0.05
    Goalie- (W)-4 (GA)- -1 (SV)-0.1 (SHO)-3

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    Default Re: What to do with Drouin and team assessment

    Well at the age of 27 and now heading into his 9th NHL season I think what you see is what you get at best. Drouin has played 427 NHL games and has put up 252 pts. If he can score at a .5 pt per game pace this year I'm thinking that would be considered a very good year. I honestly don't think he will hit that. Is that good value for a 5.5 Mil Cap Hit? Considering he doesn't bring a whole lot peripherals I would suggest that your money could be better spent elsewhere. I would seriously consider trying to improve your forward group. If you have 12 - 13 Mil of available CAP I would think that you are in a great position to go after an elite forward with a big contract, a contract the current owner may not be to happy with. Huberdeau immediately comes to mind. There are others. I'd roll up my sleeves and go shopping if I were you.
    14 Team Roto; Keep 25; 12 F, 6 D, 2 G; 10 Farm; 5 Bench; 5 IR

    Salary Cap - 101.5 Mil

    Scoring Cats: G, A, Pts, PIM, Hits, BS, SOG, F Points, D Points; Win+Ties+SO, GAA, SV%

    F: Aho, Gaudreau, Kuznetsov, DeBrincat, Tarasenko, Bennett, Kapanen, Bunting, Terry, Deslaurier, Jeannot, Dustin Brown

    D: Petry, Heiskanen, Fox, Toews, Hagg, Larsson

    G: F Anderson, Lehner

    BENCH: Heinen, Lemieux, Patrick, Nelson, Roy, Stillman, Oleksiak, Kylington

    FARM: Zary, Berggen, Jenik, Brannstrom, Zach Jones, Tarasov, Driedger, Tarasov, Ingram

    IR: Kucherov, Rakell, Patrick, Vrana

    IR: Vrana, Patrick, Kucherov, Rakell, Watson

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    Default Re: What to do with Drouin and team assessment

    Dont hold your breath with Drouin. Ive considered him a 50/55 points forward at best for at least 4 seasons, which is the last time I dared draft him. Too fragile and inconsistent, but mostly too much of a perimeter player to be able to produce meaningful numbers.

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