lou did a good job in the 2021 offseason of resigning his key rfa's to fair deals and punting Ladds 5.5 mil cap hit to AZ for a hefty cost (thats a Garth signing btw)

where he lost the 2021 offseason was when he signed Chara when they needed a PMD at least equal to Leddy (traded to Det)

Lou's son was already with the isles as a Garth hire . He brought in his cap guy Pellagrini from the Devils though but I'm not sure why thats a bad thing .

Lou never gutted the office support staff when he arrived . People like Kerry Gwydir , Joanne Holloway etc. are still with the team from the Milbury days . He's kept pretty much all of Garth's scouting staff .

Greene was a nice depth d pikup , Palmieri would have received 5 mil on the open market and its only a 4 year deal , Zajac(rental) made some key plays in limited minutes during the playoffs .

I can apreciate not allowing high numbers to be worn unless your an incoming vet thats worn it previously (Pageau 44) but the facial hair rule has to go .