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Thread: Talbot unhappy in Minny?

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    Default Talbot unhappy in Minny?

    This has been brewing for a few days, but now the feud is getting very public between Guerin and Talbots agent.

    Guerin: “I don’t have shit to do. Cam Talbot’s under contract. George can say whatever the hell he wants. My team’s set right now, and that’s the way it goes. We can have all the discussions we want. Cam’s a member of our team. We really like Cam. All we’re trying to do is win”

    As I reported, Cam Talbot said after the season he doesn't want to be traded. But there clearly were hurt feelings and this thing is coming to a head.

    Guerin met with Bazos and isn't pleased. Guerin also can't call Talbot because of phone outage in MTL

    Update: A lot of people are interpreting Bazos' quote solely as Talbot wants to be traded (Talbot indicated otherwise after the season). I'm getting the impression from team sources that Talbot wants a raise by way of an extension. He makes $3 million this year vs. Fleury's $3.5 million

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    Default Re: Talbot unhappy in Minny?

    ask for a trade without asking for a trade

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    Default Re: Talbot unhappy in Minny?

    A lot of pundits said they could see Talbot going to the Leafs. Dubas did well to get Mrazek out after signing him to that horrendous deal.
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    Default Re: Talbot unhappy in Minny?

    I would also feel slighted if I was Cam Talbot.. NHL careers are short, I would want out aswell!!
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