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Thread: keep 13 from this list, ned help with a few bubble players.

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    Default keep 13 from this list, ned help with a few bubble players.

    Hey, thanks for taking the time to help out.
    Cap league, scoring in sig, roster in sig hasn't been updated so only pull names from this list please.

    my keepers so far

    Aho, 8.4x2
    svech 7.7x6
    connor 7.1x4
    lindholm 4.8x2
    batherson 4.9x5

    Theodore 5.2x3
    girard 5x5
    weeger 3.2x1
    perunovich rfa

    Shesterkin 5.6x3
    hellebuyck 6.1x2

    so I have two more spots to use between these players.

    the kids

    tomasino .863x2 big kid, could push for 50 next year.
    jarvis .894x2 i loved his game, owning two canes already doesn't bug me. The kid is good.
    pinto .925x1 it was a shame we didn't get to see him play, hes big and gritty, could be net front on the power play. I kept him on my IR all year.
    mcmichael .863x2 got sniffs in the top six. He may be hard to reacquire after next year, i can see him pushing for 40
    nils lundkvist .925x2 bit of a log jam in front of him. but should be a top four paring.

    more established bigger contract guys.

    farabee 5x6 i've had him for a few years, love his game, just needs consistency.
    konecny 5.5x3 more or less you know what you'll get with him.

    since I don't have many cheap contracts on my keeper list, my gut is telling me to use my last two spots on jarvis and one of pinto or tomasino.
    Where fo you fall on the elc kids i mentioned?

    I traded up quite a bit last season, so I think i have six picks in the first two rounds, guys like konecny will be there if I want them. A common pattern i've noticed in our league, is cheap elc contracts and the new hot commodities go quick and fast, more than half are busts for that year though. So keeping elc players with my last two spots could open me up to grab more established players early when I draft, I feel like i have a two or three year window to win before I have to completely rebuild.

    Any thoughts? anyone i'm keeping you don't think I should?

    thanks again
    11 GM limited keeper. keep 13 drop 10. 12f,6d,2g,3bench

    Use current cap.

    G8, A7, SHG5, SHA3, PIM1, .02 for hits,shots, blocks.
    Goalies stats. W.10, SO.5, OTL.3, SOL.2, SV.010

    F-, Connor , svechnikov , Aho , E.Lindholm
    ,Marchment, copp, mcmichael, Konecny, batherson, Farabee, tomasino, brassard

    Bench, shesterkin, , pinto , perunovich, Lundkvist

    D- theodore, girard, weeger, shattenkirk, clague, bear

    G- hellebuyck

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    Default Re: keep 13 from this list, ned help with a few bubble players.

    I'd probably keep Jarvis & Tomasino. I keep thsoe 2 over Pinto due to them not being injured, which should make Pinto easier to redraft.

    Farabee & Konecny will fall in the draft due to due to the Flyers sucking, the Torts hire, and the Flyers sucking. Almost the entirety of the Flyers roster is probably not worth keeping in cap leagues that aren't very deep.
    10 team H2H dynasty. 33 player roster, 2 round draft. Start 1 G, 1 backup G, 6 D, 12 F arranged in 4 lines of 3. Only Goals, Assists, Save% matter. Having NHL teammates helps.

    G: Shesterkin
    Backup G: Oettinger
    D: Carlson, Makar, Letang, Eklblad, Fox, Trouba

    F1: Necas, Teravainen, Robertson
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, MacKinnon
    F3: Stamkos, Point, Guentzel
    F4: JT Miller, Boeser, Bertuzzi

    Bench: 2 empty spots for draftees
    G: (none)
    D: Heiskanen, Klingberg, M Reilly
    F: Voracek, Benn, Seguin, Couturier, Giroux, Dahlen, Perfetti, Newhook
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: keep 13 from this list, ned help with a few bubble players.

    Jarvis is for me a keep all day.

    i had Pito but like was mentioned above, he likely skates by unharmed due to being injired and out of peoples mind otherwise hes my keep

    Tomasino and McMichael......hmm, to me its McMichael. maybe with Backs going out theres some movement in that top 6? Nsh just seems to be stuck..
    ESPN Roto 10 team
    24 man roster (+3 IR) - Keep 20 - Daily settings
    Start 3C, 3LW, 3RW, 5D, 2G, 1UTIL
    G,A,PTS, +/-, PIM, PPA, PPG, D PTS - W, SV, SV%

    C- Suzuki, PLDubois, TThompson, Mercer(RW), Norris, McTavish, KJohnson
    RW- Quinn, Jarvis(C), Puljujarvi, Kakko
    LW- Stutzle(C), Sharangovich(C),
    D- Addison, Dobson, Girard, Chychrun
    G- Samsonov/Vanacek, Saros, Knight, Georgiev, Dostal

    Picks in 2022/23 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th OA
    Picks in 2023/24 rounds 1,2,2,3
    Players on the bubble

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    Default Re: keep 13 from this list, ned help with a few bubble players.

    Jarvis and Konecny. Nobody gonna agree with the Travis pick but even a dumpster fire year he scored fifty plus points, 77 PIM, 80 hits, 200+ shots. He finished ranked 109 in my multi-cat league. A year with Ellis/Couturier healthy I see him back in sixty point territory now firmly entrenched in his prime.

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    Default Re: keep 13 from this list, ned help with a few bubble players.

    Lets start with your keeps. The guy I am questioning, at a 5 Mil Cap hit, is Girard. I'd rather have Konecny for pretty much the same money. I'm certainly keeping Jarvis. Then it's a bit tough, making a decision between Tomasino and McMichael. I personally prefer Tomasino, I think he has the higher upside and I'm not convinced that he can't work his way into a top 6 deployment next season. Either one of these guys is a gamble and it's close either way, so, pick a winner (:
    14 Team Roto; Keep 25; 12 F, 6 D, 2 G; 10 Farm; 5 Bench; 5 IR

    Salary Cap - 101.5 Mil

    Scoring Cats: G, A, Pts, PIM, Hits, BS, SOG, F Points, D Points; Win+Ties+SO, GAA, SV%

    F: Aho, Gaudreau, Kuznetsov, DeBrincat, Tarasenko, Bennett, Kapanen, Bunting, Terry, Deslaurier, Jeannot, Dustin Brown

    D: Petry, Heiskanen, Fox, Toews, Hagg, Larsson

    G: F Anderson, Lehner

    BENCH: Heinen, Lemieux, Patrick, Nelson, Roy, Stillman, Oleksiak, Kylington

    FARM: Zary, Berggen, Jenik, Brannstrom, Zach Jones, Tarasov, Driedger, Tarasov, Ingram

    IR: Kucherov, Rakell, Patrick, Vrana

    IR: Vrana, Patrick, Kucherov, Rakell, Watson

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