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Thread: Hill vs Stolarz

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    Default Hill vs Stolarz

    Who would you prefer this season and into the future, Hill or Stolarz?

    This is for the first league listed in my signature.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Default Re: Hill vs Stolarz

    Flip a coin as it really won't matter. Neither of them are going to be an NHL starter for an extended period of time.

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    Default Re: Hill vs Stolarz

    To honestly answer the question; neither of them. Forced to pick one, Stolarz. Both are bottom tier goalies and neither will likely have much impact next year and likely to an even lesser degree beyond that. Then again, this could be a neck in neck battle for the Vezina next year ... or probably not.
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    Default Re: Hill vs Stolarz

    I can’t disagree with anything above, but it has to do with opportunity far more than talent. Adin Hill took a giant step backwards when San Jose acquired Kahkonen. Stolarz is still the #2 in Anaheim, and John Gibson could well be a part of the summer-season carousel. I give decent-size edge to Stolarz.
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    Default Re: Hill vs Stolarz

    Stolarz. He has fought through injuries to get a solid NHL payday. I had long thought of him as a NHL tandem level goalie, and I'm still on that assessment. Note that doesn't mean he'd be a huge get, but if you have to pick one of those two, I'm picking him.
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    Default Re: Hill vs Stolarz

    Give me Stolarz here. He played quite well at times in limited action last year. And as someone else mentioned, the acquisition of Kahkonen knocks hill back a notch

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    Default Re: Hill vs Stolarz

    If Gibson heads out of town that could mean that Stolarz time in the net increases significantly. I am not saying that he will be the straight out #1 goalie, but if Anaheim signs another goalie as more of a tandem type thing then that will certainly boost the time for Stolarz.

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