League: H2H - Keep all max 24
Managers: 10
Rosters: 4C, 4LW, 4RW, 6D, 2G, 4BN, 3IR, 1IR+, 2NA
Scoring Categories: G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG, FW, BLK, HIT
Goaltenders:GS, W, GA, GAA, SV, SV%, SHO

Possible Keeper Drop 6 out of 30
C: E.Pettersson, Q.Byfield, Lundell, P.Dubois, M.Zibanejad
LW: A.Lafreniere, Zegras, B.Tkachuk, J.Hughes, S.Bennett
RW: T.Jeannot, M.Tkachuk, K.Kaprizov, M.Boldy
D: D.Hamilton, B.Byram, D.Nurse, M.Heiskanen, Z.Werenski, A.Fox, J.Chychrun
G: Demko, Vasilevski, J.Oettinger

On free Space i got M.Rossi, A.Newhook, C.Perfetti, U.Luukkonen, (My drop favorites)

I just have Space for 24 Players so I have to clean my Squad. Drop 4 Guys. But Which one to be Competitive? Right now I would give up the guys from the free space.

I thought I have a good team, but just finished fourth.

Should I use 3 or 4 Goalies. So I would divide the Bench (BN) space in 2 Skaters and 2 Goalies. Or leave it 3:1

There are some interesting free agents in my League for next year. I Could drop one of my players and pick up:

Verhaege, K.Johnson, B.Boeser, Romanov!(Maybee a good pick), Fehervary, Durzi, Marchment, Holtz, D.Strome, Mangiapane, N.Roy, A.Tuch, and some new Youngstars are still available. Although the new Kids from the draft and the Players like K.Johnson etc how will sign entry level Contract. Maybe Askarov the Goalie.Next year I try to get Wright and Bedard in 2024 then next Problem whom to drop ;-))

Should I Pick up a free agent? When yes which player to drop?

You think my team is Competitive for my banger League and leave it as it is?

Should I drop Rossi, Newhook, Perfetti, Luukkonen or which 4? Or drop Bennett for Rossi etc..

Should I try to Trade for a special Guy? For example 2-3 Elite Players like Kaprizov from my Team to try to get Matthews who is Maybee better for a Banger league.