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Thread: 2nd & 14th overall vs 5th and 9th

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    Brady Tkachuk should be here
    Quote Originally Posted by Eskimo Brother View Post
    In a redraft after the top eight guys are gone, look at the top two guys on your list for pick nine. I can almost guarantee you that one of them will still be there at 14. Up at the top, the drop off from 2 to 5 is bigger. Yes you should still be getting one of Kuch, Hubs, or Makar at five, but anytime you can get a top three player you do it. The drop off lessens the farther into the draft you get.

    M. Tkachuk

    Here's a reasonable top-15.
    What you're looking at is Matthews/Drai and Marner/Gaudreau for Kuch/Hubs and Makar/Tkachuk. It's reasonable but I'll take the 2/14 slot every time. There's also a slight chance that #1 overall goes one of Matthews/Makar/Vas/Shesty and you end up with McDavid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucafen4 View Post
    Brady Tkachuk should be here
    Yeah he definitely should be. Just goes to show there's a lot more depth than there is quantity at the top.
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    I think the value between 2 and 5 is more substantial than the value between 9 and 14 which isn't much difference at all. So I'd go with 2 and 14.

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    If you get the chance to get the #2 overall pick you go out and get it. Having the opportunity to get a player like Matthews, Mackinnon, Draisaitl, or even Makar you don't pass that up. Even when you get down to pick #14 you are going to receive a quality player at that pick as well. Go with the #2 & #14 pick.

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