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Thread: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

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    Default Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    I have an option to obtain either Bobrovsky or Vasilveskiy. I've been thinking about which one to pick but I can't decide. Please give me your opinion on which goalie would be the best for me. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    Quote Originally Posted by LeafsDude245 View Post
    I have an option to obtain either Bobrovsky or Vasilaveskiy. I've been thinking avout which one to pick but I still cant't pick. Please give me your opinion on which goalie would be the best. Thanks!
    100% Vasi. If you can. He's a legit #1 goalie.

    No idea what the deals you can do and what all players are involved but if you can land Vasi than thats the way to go.

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    Default Re: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    LeafsDude245 welcome to the boards. Going forward please add your signature with league settings and roster.
    You will receive more responses and better insight. There is a wealth of knowledge in the Dobber community.

    Another 100% for Vasilevskiy. I’d only consider changing my answer depending on the cost to you .
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    Default Re: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    They are both great, but Vasi is the choice. He is younger and I am more confident that the will be consistent for longer than Officer Bob. If Bob can't do playoffs, Florida will take action as this is a cup window for them. Vasi faltering a bit lately, use it to your advantage.

    Ive owned both in my points league for 5 years now.
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    G - Bobrovsky, Vasilevskiy, Husso

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    Default Re: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    Vasi is the better pick. Any idea on what the cost to aquire would be?
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    IR: Landeskog

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    Default Re: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    This is somewhat about the cost to acquire each. I have confidence in both teams, and generally in both goalies, although Bob has had some rough patches - we miss him in Philly.

    If cost is close, Vasilevskiy.
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    G: (none)
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    F: Voracek, Benn, Seguin, Couturier, Giroux, Dahlen, Perfetti, Newhook
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    I'm sure the cost will reflect the reward. I'd still see what Vas is costing and go from there. Bob might be the better cheap 2-3 year option but no way of knowing unless we get the tale of the tape here.
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    Default Re: Bobrovsky or Vasilevskiy

    They both play for a powerhouse but Bobrovsky had so much up and down last few years while Vasilevskiy is the most consistent goalie in the league right now.

    Easy choice : Vasilevskiy

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