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Thread: Friedman - If I had to bet, Flyers will trade Giroux

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    Default Re: Friedman - If I had to bet, Flyers will trade Giroux

    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic Wedgy View Post
    One part of me thinks it is ridiculous to think that Provorov might be traded. I mean, what would be the end goal of trading him? I honestly cant figure out what they would be trying to accomplish. Get a 1st rounder so we can draft a dman and hope he turns out as good as Provy is now? Its a ludicrous idea.

    The other part of me is scared shitless. I think about some of the moves that Fletcher has already done. Hagg, a 1st rounder, 2nd rounder for Risto and then re-signing Risto for 5 more years. Signing Kevin Hayes for 7x7. Stolarz for Cam Talbot. Trading Provorov could absolutely happen.

    I dont know what to think. Where there is smoke, there is fire as they say. I hope we dont do something stupid.

    Ive accepted Giroux is going to leave. I aint even mad. I actually hope he does as he is not gonna win a cup with the Flyers. I would be fantastic to see him do it. I am thankful to Giroux for everything he has given us over his career. Thanks G!

    Yes... thank you G!!!

    I echo the sentiments and concerns above.

    Flethcer better not move Provorov... but as you say... nothing would surprise us.

    Would have been a great game to be at last night. The place was rocking!

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    Default Re: Friedman - If I had to bet, Flyers will trade Giroux

    Friedman today:

    Panthers are where G wants to go, probably still where he will end up
    Avalanche have put out better offer than FLA, and FLA knows G wants to join them so they are digging in. PHI wants them to improve offer but don't have much leverage

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    Default Re: Friedman - If I had to bet, Flyers will trade Giroux

    I like Tippett. Always have. Had to drop him in my fantasy league because I needed the roster spot. Didnt like dropping him as I liked what I saw from him in FLA. He is on the last year of his contract tho. Pretty risky move to trade G for him unless they have something worked out prior. Ask for Tippett and a 1st, we retain as much salary as it will take.

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