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Thread: What to do with Monahan at this point?

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    Default What to do with Monahan at this point?

    20tm multicat salary keeper league in signature.

    At this point we have seen almost half a season. Going in to the season and at the beginning, I was optimistic he might come back. At this point, it is obvious he will most likely not see time alongside Gaudreau, or even top 6 deployment. He was on PP1 which gave him some value, but now he isn't even there anymore.

    Is he droppable at this point? Doubtful he has any trade value in a league such as this, especially with a 6m + cap hit this season and next.

    Or, do I keep him in hopes of a trade in real life? Or, bear his contract one more year with the hopes of a lesser salary and a new beginning in two years?

    He is only 27, but looks like he fell of a cliff with no water underneath it.

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    Default Re: What to do with Monahan at this point?

    In a cap league, I'd probably cut bait or see if someone else wants him for a pick or something.

    Even a bounce back (which I think is possible) would have to be significant to warrant $6M. The chances of a $6M bounce back are slim enough after the last 100 games that I'd feel fine moving on.
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    Default Re: What to do with Monahan at this point?

    In a league as deep as yours, I'd really struggle straight out dropping Mono unless you desperately needed the cap space/going for the win.

    Is there no rebuilder who would take a chance on him for a bag of pucks (e.g. super late pick or even pick upgrade)?

    Unless I "had" to - I'm probably holding with hopes of an uptick (either in production or a trade) but fully accepting he likely won't offer very decent ROI on his current salary.

    Tough one - good luck.
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    Default Re: What to do with Monahan at this point?

    Perhaps the good news is that there is no where to go but up for Monahan. The question is, if you drop him, what can you do with that extra CAP? It's nice to have that extra CAP for sure, but it needs to be utilized to your benefit. If you can pull off a trade that helps you that's likely your only option. That said, maybe there is an FA option there as well although in a 20 team league that seems unlikely I'd suggest exploring trade options before making a decision. If there is nothing available, then you have little choice but to hold and hope for the best. Good luck.
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    Default Re: What to do with Monahan at this point?

    I'd move on from Monahan and use the cap space elsewhere. Obviously trade him if you can, but I doubt you will get much interest. The unfortunate reality is that even if Monahan does bounce back somewhat, I don't think he has the offensive ceiling that we thought he had a few years ago. Holding him is a low reward play, especially in a cap league.
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    Default Re: What to do with Monahan at this point?

    What is out there in the pool that's available? I do think his next contract will be significantly cheaper unless he rebounds a bunch, in which case, he's probably tradable.
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