Armchair Hockey League

If you think you can run an NHL Team better than other Owner's or GM's come join the Armchair Hockey League. A hyper-realistic simulation experience that's different from other leagues in that, we do NOT do multiple seasons at once. Our season starts and ends with the actual NHL season. This is to try and create a truly authentic front office experience for those who love to envision themselves as an Owner, GM, Head Coach, or Scout of an actual NHL Team.

The Armchair Hockey League is one of four leagues in the Armchair Sports Universe which is a shared/alternate reality.

Day to day operations are run through Discord. Matches are simmed with EA NHL and broadcasted on Twitch/Youtube. Peaked your interest? Follow one of below discord invite links. See you there!

Armchair Hockey League

Armchair Sports Universe

Further notes:
- We are currently looking for owners for Columbus Blue Jackets, New York Islanders, Vegas Golden Knights to start our first season. Offcourse teams are also looking to fill their front office (GMs, Assistant GMs, Head Coach, Scouts).
- Our inaugural season starts in January 2022. The current rosters are the starting rosters. Matches will be simmed up till now.
- Apart from taking a job in the front office of a team, you can also join one of the available committees to create a truly realistic experience: Player Rep, Trade, Roster, Streaming
- Or join as content creator (media) / fan.