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Thread: Help me settle a dispute

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    Default Help me settle a dispute

    I am having a discussion with a friend who is telling me that hockey was softer in the 1970's than today. I think that is on the short list of most ludicrous things I have ever heard, then again I am a Flyers fan who was alive to see them win Cups, so maybe it's just me. I have told him, I will go to a hockey site and ask for an opinion. Please vote.
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    Assuming we all have the same definition of "softer"... Im not sure how you could say the 70s were softer than today. Someone just threw a glove at another player and it made every headline

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    Default Re: Help me settle a dispute

    I'd like to hear his argument for why he feel's that way.

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    "you touched my star. We must fight because he's a star and you don't touch my star!" might be considered a soft mentality. Or, "Man, I'm suffering hard mentally. I can't talk to people about this because then I'm not a man so I'll self medicate with drugs, alcohol and taking my anger out on my wife" is a soft mentality. "Man I can't stand up to what that guy said because he's a boss and says sexual assault is ok if we're winning" is soft.

    Soft has different definitions to different people and times are different. This is a bar time argument with no right answer because no one will switch sides.
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    Players are faster, hits are faster/harder, shots are faster in todays world.
    Trying to limit CTE isn't being soft, it's being smart.
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    If McDavid had to smoke and drink between periods and didnt have access to fancy smart watch technology he wouldn't make it in the 70s game. ��

    I cant help with this, was only present for half of the 70s. This is one of those impossible to compare situations I tend to avoid talking about.

    No opinion here.

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    Ron Ellis used to get a haircut in between periods and Lanny got a moustache trim, now if that isn't "hard" I don't know what is. Oh and Guy LaFleur had "cigarette breaks" in between line brawls. Haaaarrrrd. Today's players are lucky they didn't play in the 70's or 80's.
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    The game is definitely softer today. Not only from a fighting standpoint but from a penalty stand point. Go watch any of the games from the 80s and 90s and the amount of hooking and slashing and interference that went on without calls is ridiculous.
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