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Thread: Salary cap deal involving EP

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    Default Salary cap deal involving EP

    Pettersson is doing jack shit and I have salary issues. I could put him on the bench and wait his slump out but I would need to drop a decent dman to do that - Dumba.

    Or I could try to trade him (my proposal) but I'm not willing to undersell.

    Thoughts on this:
    Pettersson + Nils Lundkvist for
    Trocheck (probably gone from CAR and likely signs for $6M+) + Perfetti + 2022 1st round pick + 2023 1st round pick. We keep all players we can under the cap and those 1st rounders are new draftees plus whatever high-priced discards GMs have thrown into the pool (occasionally there are gems).

    Which side do you like?

    We count points, pim plus hits and bs so someone like Trocheck has added value with his hits.
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    Default Re: Salary cap deal involving EP

    It all depends on how well you can weather his slump and how deep your keepers are. Something is about to give in Vancouver and I think EP40 is at his absolute lowest value. If you can hang on for another few weeks I would suggest that. A new Coach is going to bump his perceived value. Also, a new coach could increase his actual value.
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