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Thread: Run 3 stable goalies in standard 1year H2H league with 2 G slots ?

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    Post Re: Run 3 stable goalies in standard 1year H2H league with 2 G slots ?

    Thanks all for coming back to this thread and reading my analysis I am happy you liked it and it wasnt a waste.
    It helped me to decide, that I want to trade 1 of my goalie to keep just 2 permanent goalies. Choosing which one to trade will be quite difficult task.
    And it will be even harder, because I plan to pickup Francouz as 4th goalie.
    EDIT: New thread about which goalie I should trade is here.

    Some replies to you:

    Quote Originally Posted by janneywheels View Post
    I used to draft Vas in thr 1st round if I could just so I'd be competitive with 2 slots filled and an extra skater to stream on light schedule nights/attack a certain category
    That was my approach every year (Draft Vasil ASAP). But this year I drafted as last (12/12) so every elite skater and Vasil were gone. So I drafted (Lehner, Hedman, Hellebuyck, Crosby) in first rounds. Talbot was just a too good free pickup in 1st Week and I kept him.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blues_fan1000 View Post
    i was of the mindset for 3 goalies for start 2 in h2h until this season where i only drafted 2. i went with a volume guy (Markstrom) and then grabbed one that should have solid ratios (Swayman) since my setup is similar to yours with 6 skater cats and 3 goalie cats with the intent to punt the Wins and focus more on GAA and SV%. I really didnt plan on Markstrom playing straight bananas to start the season but so far i haven't lost GAA or SV% yet. I don't know what i'm going to do if/when Rask comes back so that could be interesting.
    Markstrom is a new Vasil Swayman may go to AHL after Rask returns, be prepared for that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blues_fan1000 View Post
    My thought process was to focus on winning the skater cats because even if i lose all 3 goalie ones, if i win 5 skaters ones each week then i make the playoffs.
    With that being said, i do like the goalies you have and would probably hold for now.
    I get your plan on how to make playoffs, but I am now 11/12 in our league. So every won category every week is a crucial for me. I had to upgrade my forwards, I need that extra slot. And I need to trade for better forward. Means I have to trade 1 of my goalie, I was not crushing those goalie stas anyway. I will hold only to analyse which goalie i should trade and for who, then I will proceed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blues_fan1000 View Post
    the one thing you may consider is swapping talbot for sorokin to get you some better ratios. with the amount of goalies on your WW i think it'd be tough to trade a goalie too
    3rd occasionally goalie will be streamer for short periods (days). Sorokin was already picked up (but could be dropped again as Islanders are mess). I will trade 1 goalie, even under priced, to make a roster space. But it's the biggest question, who is the odd goalie out. I had to make deep analysis and read some fortune cookies together with purchasing a crystall ball.

    Quote Originally Posted by jhonny View Post
    Injury can kill a season though, so maybe wait as long as you can holding 3 Gs and then decide right before the playoffs.
    Good point about injury. I think I can fix the injured goalie with an IR slots and/or free pick ups/trade. I had to reduce goalies now. See the reasons above.

    Quote Originally Posted by jhonny View Post
    Like I said, during the playoffs, you won't have as many goalie conflicts as you will the rest of the season... check out the same night tool to maximize mangames in all positions.
    Yeah, I am already looking for playoff calendar now and doing trades and pickups in line with the calendar to upgrade my core team. If I make playoffs I want to be prepared. But thanks for pointing that out, many GMs are forgetting this.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevegamer View Post
    Given your detailed analysis, I think you should go down to 2 goalies by trading one away, and then use your weakest skater spot to stream what you need. Opening a streaming spot will let you have a hybrid goalie/skater spot to use to focus on where you can make up the ground.
    Tnx for advice. I will more likely open 2-3 stream spots to maximise 5 free pick ups every week (even for playoffs) regarding the calendar.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevegamer View Post
    If you can trade a goalie & a skater for a skater upgrade, that's where I'd lean. If you can't then goalie for skater is good enough.
    yeah, this is my plan. Upgrade and make roster space.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swels Stewart View Post
    Interesting analysis and good for you for doing the work.
    thanks a lot. Hope it helped also other Dobber GMs.

    I still welcome here other GMs who want to discuss their goalie situation in standad 1year H2H league.
    Always meant this thread to be generic. I am very glad some of you posted your approach and thoughts.

    I may come back here in before playoffs, how my situation with goalies went (Aftermath report )
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