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Thread: Ullmark or Grubauer ROS

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    Default Ullmark or Grubauer ROS

    1 yr H2H W/GAA/Sv%/SO

    Have an offer to do a straight swap, who would you rather have?

    Ullmark is on the better team, but seems like he's in a 50/50 split while getting all of the more difficult matchups and 2nd halfs of back to backs. Then there's the Rask factor, does Rask become a de facto #1 in January given how terrible BOS goalies have been?

    Then there's Grubauer. All analytics suggest SEA defence is playing great, and the issue is 100% Grubauer. I've heard from Washington fans that he struggled at first when adjusting to the team system, but gets better as he gets familiar. Obviously he can't be much worse, is there any chance he'll have value moving forward?

    Thanks for any input

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    Default Re: Ullmark or Grubauer ROS

    Linus Ullmark! He has been the better goalie between him and Jeremy Swayman purely going based on matchups. As in who faces the easier team/match ups, which so far has been the younger netminder. When Swayman gets tested by a hot team like Calgary, you get an idea. Much like Philadelphia. Which is why Bruce Cassidy decided to get Linus in the next Philly game, because Jeremy was lit up 5 times previously. I think once Linus gets a rhythm going and he's not hung out to dry like that Edmonton game, he should be the 1A goalie on a Boston Bruins team that should still be a playoff contender, where as Phillip Grubauer plays on an expansion team. Don't expect a Marc-Andre Fleury and Las Vegas Golden Knights repeat, as it was an aberration, but expect the struggles of a capable goaltender on a first-year team.

    Regardless of the splits, and no, the Boston Bruins goaltending hasn't been as terrible as you lead on. That's just on-the-surface. Ullmark has been good given his situation, which I'll explain in a little bit. I will even say Swayman has been good for parts of the season, albeit in some games he wasn't truly tested. It's more-so the Bruins have struggled without David Krejci and are playing really as a 1 line team at times and their defence has been atrocious. You can't blame Ullmark for games like the Oilers. Those Leon Draisaitl goals were curtesy of bad defensive blunders, especially the assist from Brandon Carlo. People should watch those games. Special teams and mediocre defence have been the culprit. Besides, even if the rumours (which they are at this point), that Tuukka Rask comes back, it means that Jeremy Swayman goes down as he doesn't have to go through waivers. And there is no guarantee that a rusty Rask who hasn't played in nearly a year by then, will fair better than a well-tested and in groove, Ullmark. Also, explaining Linus' issues going in (preseason and all), he is on a new team, adapting to a new city as well, getting to learn his way around and figuring stuff out. Acclimating into a new city and new team takes time, especially if you haven't played hockey in half a year compared to your competition who has been in the system for years, playing hockey as recent as this Summer.
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