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Thread: Whose your 4th oa in the ,22 draft??

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    Default Whose your 4th oa in the ,22 draft??

    I'm just curious if there's a big three- what !ind of names are you considering at four? I feel like there are game breakers right up to pick five or six this year....
    Keep 11- sog and goal heavy league with an extra emphasis on the d.g positions.Competing IN 23-24


    C- Dube, Sharangovich
    W- Lafreniere, Fiala, Vrana, Poolparty, E Kane, Skinner, Bunting, Bertuzzi, Schwartz
    D- Miller, Zub, Gakrikov, Klefbom
    G- Blackwood, Raanta, Melnichuk Bernier
    Prospects- K Johnson, Holtz, Tipett, N Robertson, Lundqvist, B Clarke, Cossa, Swayman

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    Default Re: Whose your 4th oa in the ,22 draft??

    Lambert seems to be dropping out of the original "big 3"... and even the talk around Miroshnichenko being in the group has lessened too recently.

    Definitely still some solid upside guys behind Wright & Savoie.

    Slafkovsky. C.Geekie. D.Cooley. And J.Kemell is ripping it up early on. Yurov could be a fantasy top 10. Toss in S.Nemec and maybe D.Jiricek on D and that's a stout top 10.

    22 and 23 drafts are going to be really fun to watch unfold... especially as some 21 guys who were under the radar emerge this year too!
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