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Thread: Apple Watch Series 7

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    Default Apple Watch Series 7

    Thinking of buying one, worth it?

    And also EarPods - new generation or is 3rd G ok?

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    Default Re: Apple Watch Series 7

    I don't have any opinions on Watch7 but in general the Apple watch is very very good.

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    Default Re: Apple Watch Series 7

    I enjoy my Watch 6 very much.

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    Default Re: Apple Watch Series 7

    I won't comment on the Apple Watch as I wear a Garmin but what I can say is that if you live in Canada and live a somewhat active lifestyle and have no current health concerns and are 45 years of age or less, you can probably get a term life insurance policy that comes with a "free" Apple Watch for less than the cost of a new Apple Watch. Manulife offers a deal on Apple Watches with the purchase of their Vitality life insurance products.

    The offer they have right now is only for the Apple Watch 6 but Manulife has been updating it to the new watch yearly since they launched the Vitality program 3 or 4 years ago. I would imagine they update the offer soon. The trick is that you have to "workout" (burn 200 or 300 calories in 1 session) enough times each month to get it for free. If you don't earn enough Vitality points, then you pay a bit that month. There are other benefits of the Vitality life insurance policy as well.

    Based on my quick research, the cost of the new watch is $529+tax while the cost of a Term 10 life insurance policy for a "normal" 45 year old male is $520/year.

    UPDATE: Manulife Vitality is now offering the Apple Watch S7 for $97.
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