Hi everyone,

Short story - 1st commissioner tried to scam the entire league and drain all our fees and delete the league before our inaugural season started, was too dumb to pull it off, and the league persevered through Yr 1. 13 of our 16 teams have decided to stay on, and I've taken over as the new commissioner.

We're looking to fill 3 squads, and will allow new managers to re-draft from that available pool in an effort to make the teams feel like your own from Day 1. All 3 teams were very competitive, so the pool of available players is strong.

Notable available players:
Acuna, Alvarez, Bobby Witt, Robert, Casas, Torres, Jasson Dominguez, Austin Martin, Alek Thomas, Freeman, Mondesi, Mize, etc etc

We're hosting some league polls in the next few weeks about any rule changes, so please email peter.gregory21[@]gmail[dot]com if you're interested in learning more. FYPD will be taking place in Jan/Feb.


Platform: Fantrax
League comms: Fantrax + Slack (must be committed to joining and participating in chats on Slack)
Buy-in: $50 ($56.25 w/ Fantrax treasury fee)
Majors: 25 players (18 starters, 7 bench)
Minors: 25 players
Categories: HR, RBI, R, SB, AVG, OPS, HLD, SV, K, ERA, WHIP, W+QS
Daily lineups, weekly H2H matchups, 8 teams qualify for playoffs
Prizes: $300 Playoff Champ, $100 Playoff Runner Up, $100 Division Champions x 4.