I was looking over prospects in the KHL on eliteprospects when I saw Rashevsky pop up - 11g & 5a in 17 games so far as a 21 year old. Better numbers than Marchenko even. He seems to be getting 3rd line minutes and putting up those totals, but I think its worth mentioning that KHL points leader Shipachyov is his teammate. Not sure if Rashevsky is simply getting heavily sheltered minutes and getting points fed to him by Shipachyov.

He was finally drafted as a double over-ager this year by the jets in the 5th, though he seemed relatively under the radar going into the draft, eliteprospects was the only one to rank him predraft and it was at 100.

Any one follow the KHL that knows a bit more if he should be picked up in deeper dynasty leagues? Or is this year just a flash in the pan?