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Thread: Crosby or Huberdeau

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    Default Crosby or Huberdeau

    Current Roster:

    C: MacKinnon, Crosby, Eichel, Malkin, Hertl, Tavares, Dach
    LW: E.Kane, Ovechkin, Pacioretty
    RW: Puljujarvi, Radulov
    D: Letang, DeAngelo, Dahlin
    G: Vasilevskiy, Lehner, Hart

    2C/2LW/2RW/2D/2UTIL/1G - keep 9


    got offered Huberdeau for my Crosby should I take this offer?

    crosby avg last year: 4.6
    huberdeau avg last year: 4.1
    14 Team (H2H Points) Dynasty League
    18 Man Roster + Prospects

    C: McDavid, Eichel[*IR*], Zibanejad, Pettersson, O'Reilly, Kopitar, Reinhart[RW], Roslovic
    Jarvis[RW], Turcotte, Raty[LW]
    LW: Svechnikov[RW], M.Tkachuk, Guentzel, E.Kane, Gaudreau
    RW: Stone, Wheeler, Kakko
    D: Dahlin, Dumba
    Lundkvist, Harley, Addison
    G: Vasilevskiy

    12 Team (H2H Points)
    21 Man Roster - 14 Keepers

    C: MacKinnon, Eichel, Zibanejad, Point, Stamkos, Kyrou
    LW: Marchand, Ovechkin, Panarin, Raymond
    RW: Pastrnak, Rantanen, Laine
    D: Hedman, DeAngelo, Ellis, Dumba, Seider
    G: Vasilevskiy, Shesterkin, Bobrovsky

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    I would accept that with confidence. Huberdeau is a stud with a capital S!
    10-Team Points-Only Keeper League
    Roster of 25 Players
    No positional requirements for Forwards
    Farm System of 3 Players

    Fwds - Rantanen, Kaprizov, Pettersson, Zibanejad, Stone, A. Svechnikov, Malkin, Giroux, Bjorkstrand, J. Hughes, Reinhart, N. Suzuki

    Def - Hamilton, Q. Hughes, Theodore, Letang, Dahlin, Dumba

    Goalies - Shesterkin

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    A year or two ago I would have automatically said keep Crosby, but I think he's at the age where it's not illogical to move him. Huberdeau is a top 10 forward this year most likely. It's not a slam dunk win for you, but I don't think you're going to do much better than this for Sid at this stage of his career and in that format. I am not 100% sure you do this, but it's well within the ballpark.

    Questions to ask - are you going for it this year? Do you need to make the move? Do you want to move Crosby this year, and if so can you wait til he's healthy and ripping it up? If you are wavering I would be tempted to just hold, but Huberdeau is a very good return for sure if you do do it.

    12 team H2H Most Cats Wins; Keep 6/winner keeps 7; G A PPP +/- SHP SOG HIT BLK PIM // W SV GAA SV% SHO
    3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 6D, 2G, 5 bench

    C - McDavid, Crosby, Tavares, Hischier
    LW - Hall, Miller, Meier, Rakell
    RW - Schenn, Atkinson, Anderson, Puljujarvi
    D - Theodore, Pionk, Werenski, Dahlin, Pulock, Faulk
    G - Lehner, Markstrom, Gibson, Khudobin

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    For what itís worth, at the end of last season I traded Huberdeau for Crosby and Barrie, and both sides agreed that was a pretty fair trade. If itís Huberdeau for Crosby straight up thatís a solid move due to the age difference

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    I like that move for you, you get younger, not much of a dropoff.
    10 team H2H dynasty. 33 player roster, 2 round draft. Start 1 G, 1 backup G, 6 D, 12 F arranged in 4 lines of 3. Only Goals, Assists, Save% matter. Having NHL teammates helps.

    G: Shesterkin
    Backup G:Jarry
    D: Carlson, Makar, Letang, Pionk, Fox, KMiller

    F1: Necas, JT Miller, Teravainen
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, MacKinnon
    F3: Stamkos, Point, Guentzel
    F4: Benn, Robertson, Seguin

    Bench: 2 empty spots for draftees
    G: (none)
    D: Heiskanen, Klingberg, Ekblad, M Reilly
    F: Bertuzzi, Boeser, Couturier, Giroux, Gurianov, Perfetti, Voracek
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    Love Crosby but this is a great deal for you.
    Call me old one more time.

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    There are a very limited number of guys I would move Sid for but Huberdeau is one. The six years difference in age at this stage in Sid's career is significant and if Dobber's numbers are even close in the Guide, Huberdeau could very well out point Sid this year and I think it's safe to assume that is likely a trend that would continue into the future. I'd do this. Worst case scenario, it's a wash this year but moving forward it's a win. As a last point, I like what Florida has done to build a strong contender, the window, IMO, is closing fast on the Pens and in a few years it will be interesting to see at age 36 what Sids line mates and the overall depth of the Pens looks like, currently, the prospect cupboard is pretty bare. I'm inclined to put my money on Hubs and the Cats two years down the road.
    14 Team Roto; Keep 25; 12 F, 6 D, 2 G; 10 Farm; 5 Bench; 5 IR

    Salary Cap - 101.5 Mil

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    F: Aho, Gaudreau, Kucherov, DeBrincat, Rakell, Bennett, Kapanen, Dvorak, Bunting, Tatar, Deslaurier, Jeannot

    D: Petry, Heiskanen, Lindell, Brannstrom, Hagg, Larsson

    G: F Anderson, Lehner

    BENCH: Chytil, Heinen, Lemieux, Patrick, Husso

    FARM: Krebbs, Nils Lundqvist, Zary, Berggen, Denisenko, Jenik, Bellows, Stillman, Tarasov, Driedger

    IR: Vrana, Devon Toews

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    Yup, do it.
    10 team full keeper roto 4C/LW/RW,6D,2G



    Under 250 gp farm
    Beaucage,Berggren,Bokk,Brisson,Chytil,Dugan,Foerst er,Foote,Frost,Grewe,K.Johnson,Lindblom,Mikheyev,N ybeck,Peterka,Pospisil,Protas,Ranta,Raty,Stankoven ,Suzuki,Tuomaala
    Alexeyev,Brook,Foote,Graves,Poirier,Sanderson,Seid er,Wilde,Woo,Zamula
    Berdin,Brossoit,Commesso,Ersson,Husso,Knight,Koche tkov,Lafontaine,Oettinger,Primeau,Sandstrom,Stolar z,Ustimenko,Vladar

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    Default Re: Crosby or Huberdeau

    I've owned Crosby for a long time and decided I would keep him until he declines significantly because I wouldn't be able to get a fair price.
    Huberdeau is more than a fair price / adequate replacement player. You get the same type of production and you get younger by 6 years.
    That's a deal I would do without hesitation.
    Points-only keeper league. 12 teams. Keep any 12 players. Dress 12F - 6D - 2G.

    F: S.Crosby - N.Backstrom - M.Marner - J.Guentzel - R.Hintz - N.Ehlers - N.Suzuki
    D: D.Hamilton - Q.Hughes - S.Jones
    G: R.Lehner - J.Markstrom

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