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Thread: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

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    Default Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

    I've had Binnington as a keeper for a few years now (going back to his first amazing season), but I picked up Demko last year while Vancouver was in the dumps and I'm not sure who to pick.

    Demko seems to be more of an up and comer, Vancouver's built decently and barring a total **** up by Benning, should be competitive in the weak West Division.

    Meanwhile, the Blues are a solid team, but Binnington hasn't been that consistant in the past few seasons and the Central Division will be very competitive again this year.

    Who do you pick ?
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    Keepers: Landeskog, K. Connor A. Svechnikov, K. Fiala, Binnington OR Demko
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    Default Re: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

    I've been riding Binnington about the same amount of time as you, and I think between the two, I would still keep Binnington. Is STL's defense overall better then the Nucks defense?
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    Default Re: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

    I'm a big fan of Demko so I'd lean towards him. I like Binnington but other than his stellar rookie year, he's been the definition of average.

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    Default Re: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

    Bing has the better team in front, Demko is the better goalie I believe (Bing is just horribly inconsistent, Jake Allen syndrome) I think Binger is going to lose his starting job eventually, maybe not this year or next, but don't see him being the guy (at least in a Blues jersey) by 23-24 season.

    21-22 ~ Slight edge to Binger just based on teams overall
    22-23 ~ Slight edge to Demko, having another full year under him and young Canucks team having their feet under them more
    23- onwards ~ Demko all the way.
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    Default Re: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington


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    Default Re: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

    I want Demko here, but bare in mind, I am NOT a fan of Binnington. I think he's a pretty average goalie while Demko is a legit starter with a ton of potential.

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    Default Re: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

    I would hope for Binnington owners that he can put together a solid season because I do think the Blues have a better overall defensive team. Canucks are trending up and I do think Demko is the better goalie. It’s not like Binnington is an old goalie, sort of in his prime years for a goalie. So I still think Demko will have some growing pains (mainly because of the team in front of him) and because of that I would hold on to Binnington because I think he’ll do better with the goalie cats you have. Good luck.
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    Default Re: Keeper choice: Demko vs Binnington

    I'm leaning Binnington, but it's close.

    Binnington has had 2 slightly above average seasons, and one great season. I'm excluding his 1 partial game in 15-16. He has less competition for starts, as Halak >> Husso, and the team is likely better.
    Demko was better last year, but there's now a real tandem quality goalie in town, as opposed to the Holtby mistake signing. The year before Demko was subpar.

    I could see this changing over the next few years, but give the guy who's shown he can get scorching hot for a long stretch, and is more entrenched.
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