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    Hey all. Draft for league in sig is taking place in 2 weeks. I'll be tight against the cap but there are very good players available and was wondering if you'd pick 1 of the following in the first round before concentrating on low salary options, and if so which one?


    Past drafts people have been mainly picking low salary options in the first round so I'm pretty sure a few of these will be available. Coming off a repeat I'm last to pick like last year where I got Guentzel.

    I have a soft spot for Ehlers at $6M. Ryan Strome is another interesting option at 4,5M playing for a new contract.

    7 Teams - Season long points only limited keeper (7F, 4D, 1G) cap league using AAV
    Active lineup: 20 (12F, 6D, 2G)
    Bench (doesn't count against cap): 6 (3F, 2D, 1G)
    10 trades for FAs + 10 moves between lineup and bench
    G (1 pt), A (1), W (2), SO (2)

    F: McDavid, Crosby, Pastrnak, Huberdeau, Guentzel, J. Robertson, Kucherov
    D: Q. Hughes, Carlson, Theodore, Ty Smith
    G: Campbell
    $81.5 cap (bench doesn't count against cap)

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    To me those three are worth taking over budget options. It kind of depends on your league.
    10 Team Limited Keeper (Keep 8) Points Only
    SALARY CAP (Player Salaries) League
    20 Player Teams = 12 Fwd 6 D 2 G

    My team: ???

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