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    Incredibly tight semi final matchup. 7-4 me right now. I was up 10-2 going into today but my hitters crapped the bed and his SPs were stellar.

    R: 25-22
    2B: 15-9
    HR: 9-8
    RBI: 19-28
    SB: 1-1 (i don't expect to win this. He has Whit and Turner)
    BB: 27-14
    Avg: .289 - .261

    W: 4-5
    SV: 4-4
    K: 59-60
    HLD: 4-5
    ERA: 1.15 - 4.44
    WHIP: 0.86 - 1.35

    I have Burnes, Means and Giolito this weekend.

    He has Manaea, Manoah, Marco G.

    Someone dropped Ohtani SP this week and he's supposed to be starting Sunday. Grabbing him will be my 5th of 7 moves this week.

    Do I just hang onto the other 2 and see what he does? I am loaded at SP and assumed I'd walk away with Ks, but he's had some great performances from no names so it's going to be really tight. Especially since ERA/WHIP is out the window for him. He can likely just add add add SP.

    I really want to add Brendan Rodgers but I feel like it might all come down to SP and Ks.

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    Default Re: Baseball weekend help

    Might not matter at all. After hitting 6/34 yesterday, my team is 0/18 today. My 50 point lead on average has evaporated.

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