Hi! Im a experienced and a passionate manager and currently in two keeper leagues and one yearly league. My main focus has been the deep keeper league im in (20 teams, 23 roster spots and farm system with 3- round prospect drafts yearly). I rebuilt a bottom feeder team into dynasty, won 2 championships in row and could be looking into winning third. Being at the top has a price though and that is i dont get to enjoy as many prospects and good draft picks.

I would love to join a new or existing deep keeper league. Preferably with lots of teams and big rosters and a farm system is a must have. In our league we run a Excel sheet that has everyones prospects and the prospects graduate(free to pick up by anyone) when they have played 82 games in nhl.

I would also like the league to have their own chat going on in discord or similar service.

Yahoo or fantrax is fine and money leagues work too. I would prefer multicat leagues.

Hit me up with your contact info and lets talk!