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Thread: Help please, can only keep one

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    Default Help please, can only keep one

    Hi all,

    Looking for help deciding who to keep.
    13 team Cap hit league. Scoring heavily weighted to goals and assists. G=3, A =2, +/-, shots = 0.1 hits = 0.1, blocks = 0.2, PIM = 0.2
    Choosing between:
    Pacioretty at $7M
    Dubois at $5M
    Toffoli at $4.25M
    Bjorkstrand at $5.4M

    I think it comes down to Toffoli vs Bjorkstrand as Pacioretty costs most and is oldest and Dubois too risky.
    Toffoli cheapest and on a good team but older and may have had a career year. Bjorkstrand highest upside, huge TOI and nice long term deal but probably on bad team

    Looking forward to your thoughts and insights.

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    Default Re: Help please, can only keep one

    I think we need more information here. OK, it's a CAP league, but what is your CAP, how many players do you protect etc etc.

    The bottom line for me is that MaxPax is IMO by far the best choice here given your format and that's likely not going to change for a while, at 32 he has shown no signs of slowing down and should be productive for a few more years on a cup contending Vegas squad. At a CAP hit of 7 Mil, well that's a very nice contract for a guy who has put up better than PPG numbers for the last two years. If your in win now mode he'd be my choice. If you are building, or you already have CAP issues then Bjorkstrand or Dubois might be better choices 3 years down the road.
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    F: Aho, Gaudreau, Kucherov, DeBrincat, Rakell, Bennett, Kapanen, Dvorak, Bunting, Tatar, Deslaurier, Jeannot

    D: Petry, Heiskanen, Lindell, Brannstrom, Hagg, Larsson

    G: F Anderson, Lehner

    BENCH: Chytil, Heinen, Lemieux, Patrick, Husso

    FARM: Krebbs, Nils Lundqvist, Zary, Berggen, Denisenko, Jenik, Bellows, Stillman, Tarasov, Driedger

    IR: Vrana, Devon Toews

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    Default Re: Help please, can only keep one

    Thanks for the advice. The cap is $84M, we roster 22 players(16 active 10F, 5D, 1 G), keep 10, and is 13 team league. Pacioretty is the best but higher salary players are usually easier to get back (I drafted him in the first round 11th overall last year. I have the same pick this year). Would rather keep players that I would protect for future years. I am generally in win now mode.
    I am already keeping Fox, Dumba, Chychrun and Letang on D and Boeser, Schiefele, Miller, Farabee and Tolvanen at F.

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    Default Re: Help please, can only keep one

    In salary leagues, owners tend to overvalue young players over proven vets simply because of salary. I understand the point and have used that strategy myself only to find out how valuable reliable veterans are on those type of teams. Don't overthink it. Pacioretty is the best asset even at the highest salary of the four. You'll easily be able to draft any of the other three or a very similar player with your 11th pick. In the current NHL, there are plenty of good players at lower salaries to find in your fantasy draft. There aren't many Pacioretty.

    The fact you're keeping a guy like Tolvanen (good player, could be great but could also seriously bust on an eternally offensively-starved team) over Pacioretty kind of proves my point. Keep both and drop the other three.

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    Default Re: Help please, can only keep one

    Pacioretty for me as well. None of the others is likely to go early in round 1, or is a huge value contract.
    10 team H2H dynasty. 33 player roster, 2 round draft. Start 1 G, 1 backup G, 6 D, 12 F arranged in 4 lines of 3. Only Goals, Assists, Save% matter. Having NHL teammates helps.

    G: Shesterkin
    Backup G:Jarry
    D: Carlson, Makar, Letang, Pionk, Fox, KMiller

    F1: Necas, JT Miller, Teravainen
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, MacKinnon
    F3: Stamkos, Point, Guentzel
    F4: Benn, Robertson, Seguin

    Bench: 2 empty spots for draftees
    G: (none)
    D: Heiskanen, Klingberg, Ekblad, M Reilly
    F: Bertuzzi, Boeser, Couturier, Giroux, Gurianov, Perfetti, Voracek
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: Help please, can only keep one

    Paciotetty for sure here.
    12 team Yahoo Roto keeper (keep 3)
    9 F, 6 D; roster 3 G max

    F: Matthews, Marner, Svechnikov, Norris, Trochek, Rust, Meier, Comtois, Coleman
    D: Chychrun, Pionk, Letang, Pulock, Romanov, Spurgeon
    G: Demko, Petersen, Allen

    IR: E Kane, Dahlin

    Bench: Kakko, Hanifin

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    Default Re: Help please, can only keep one

    Pacioretty or Toffoli if you feel you need to save on salary. But Pacioretty helped me win my pool last year. He might be a little underrated.
    10 Team Limited Keeper (Keep 8) Points Only
    SALARY CAP (Player Salaries) League
    20 Player Teams = 12 Fwd 6 D 2 G

    My team: ???

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