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Thread: Gus Edwards out.. replacement help

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    Default Gus Edwards out.. replacement help

    who is a good replacement for Gus edwards:Javonte Williams, AJ Dillon, James Conner, Jamaal Williams, Michael Carter, David Johnson, Tony Pollard, Phillip Lindsay, Leveon bell? TIA

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    Default Re: Gus Edwards out.. replacement help

    I have Javonte Williams ranked the highest of them all.
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    Default Re: Gus Edwards out.. replacement help

    Yes definitely JaVonte Williams and the longest of long shots LeVeon Bell if Ty’son Williams can’t handle it.
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    Default Re: Gus Edwards out.. replacement help

    Definitely Javonte. But seems like a pretty shallow league if all of those guys are available so you should be fine week to week.

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    Default Re: Gus Edwards out.. replacement help

    Javonta Williams should have been drafted. Same with AJ Dillion, and Carter for a longer term hold (week 6+ he'll start to look half decent). Everyone else is a waste of a roster spot because they'll never hit your lineup for more than a dart throw start.
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