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Thread: AEW Rampage

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    Default AEW Rampage

    What an amazing pay per view. AEW is just doing everything right. Stacked card. Sick matches. I think the only dud match was The Big Show's. Punk's in-ring return is exactly what you would have predicted. Slow. Darby doing all of the heavy lifting to ease Punk back into it while still being protected. The tag team match was top notch. Adam Cole and Daniel Bryan showing up at the end of the show gave me chills. So good....

    AEW is slowly stock piling WWE cast offs. I hope they don't overload the amount of talent to the point where they don't know what to do with them. Overall I am super pumped though.


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    I can't believe WWE has let this happen. Shocking to see them release and not push to sign some of these great talents. It's either Vince has really lost his marbles or they're just confident their big machine will keep turning with their PG product.

    It's crazy to think how promising NXT was a few years ago and how little they have to show for it.

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