Manager has: Robert, Soto, bichette, rutschman, wheeler, Ohtani (pitcher), gausman, ray, rodon.
Scoring categories: R HR RBI SB AVG OPS XBH ; W ERA Ks QS WHIP Saves Holds
Before the draft at the start of every season, players can be traded as long as the commissioner has time to process trades before draft. Draft picks can’t be traded before the draft.
Every manager gets to keep 4 to 6 players. If you keep 4 players you get 2 “early” draft picks. If you keep 6, your first pick is in the 7th round at the start of the “official” draft. This means your first 6 picks can’t be traded, and your first pick that can be traded in-season is your 7th rounder.
Every manager is expected to be active. This means you must always have a valid starting roster: you must not leave empty roster spots, or have NAs or IL guys on starting roster. It also means you must be involved with league. Pending trades must be rejected or countered within a reasonable time. If there is a league vote on an upcoming rule change, you are expected to vote. This is meant to be a fun league, but the expectation is that it will also be an active and competitive league.
Starting next year we will use FAAB budgets for waivers.

Let me know if interested, only want very active managers who are willing to communicate with league, especially for trading purposes.