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Thread: McLaurin+ for Godwin+

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    Default McLaurin+ for Godwin+

    In a 10 team, PPR, 4 (or 5, forfeit 1st round pick) keeper league
    QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, Flx

    McLaurin/13th/14th for Godwin/9th/11th ..... we have 18 rounds in our draft

    Which side would you rather have?
    12 Team, H2H, Keep 6 (in Bold)
    G, A, Pts, PPP, FW, SOG, Hits, Blocks
    W, Saves, S%, GAA, Game Started
    2C, 2LW, 2RW, 4D, 1Util, 2G, 5BN, 2IR, 1IR+, 1NA


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    Default Re: McLaurin+ for Godwin+

    I think you have to go with the McLaurin side. The merry-go-round of picks for backup players is immaterial. McLaurin is a 3rd rounder for whom the possibility of a breakout is out there, in large part due to the WFT QB competency getting substantially better this year. Godwin is a 4th/5th rounder and is one of three WR who will get catches from Brady. Absent a major injury to Evans, I don't see Godwin having the ability to break out.

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    Default Re: McLaurin+ for Godwin+

    I agree, McLaurin is the go to guy on that team while Godwin is just another option. Even when Brady gets into the red zone hes usually looking for Gronk or Evans for the TD. Or so it seemed like it last year.
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    Default Re: McLaurin+ for Godwin+

    I have

    McLaurin WR8 - with upside as he has gunslinging Fitzpatrick as a QB and what I preceive t be a better schedule.
    Godwin WR 14 - with risk - last year he didn't produce and was injured and Tom Brady will stop defying the odds some year.

    Now the question becomes - does the pick upgrade become enough to offset the potential difference in between the two WR.

    The answer to me is yes... if only you shoot and hit big on upside players in round 9 and 11.
    If you draft Michael Carter in the 9th round and he becomes a top 10 RB for the season
    And you draft Jaylen Waddle in the 11th and he becomes a 1300 yard WR this year...then you have won the trade.
    But you have to swing big in round 9 and 11 and hopefully hit. If not you are hoping that Godwin outproduces McLaurin...
    which is possible- but I am not confident in it.

    So it depends how much of a risk taker you are and how the rest of your squad looks and how confident you are in hitting a home run in round 9 and/or 11


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    Default Re: McLaurin+ for Godwin+

    I'm with the Scary Terry side. Picks are far too late (IMO) to offset the difference in upside.

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