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Thread: Ranking potentially elite G's

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    Default Ranking potentially elite G's

    14 team dynasty league, only only goalie cats are G/A/SV/SO (8 Skater categories).

    How do you rank the next wave of potentially elite G's:

    1. Shesterkin
    2. Sorokin

    3. Knight

    This is how I currently have them ranked with a gap, albeit very small, between Sorokin and Knight.

    2nd side of the question, given that in a 14 teamer, goalies are tough to come by, would you deal Lafreienere for any of them.

    REP where I can, thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Ranking potentially elite G's

    I think your order as you have them makes sense. I don't know that there's any difference in skill between Shestyorkin and Sorokin, so I give the value edge as of today to Shestyorkin due to being the unquestioned #1 on his team. Knight needs more reps to show that he's with the top 2 but there's nothing indicating he can't get there.

    I think that if I had zero goalies for the future, I'd trade Lafreniere for Shestyorkin. Perhaps Sorokin. Not Knight. If I already had something in goal, I'd hold Lafreniere. As not great as last year was, his track record and pedigree still say that something good is coming.

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    Default Re: Ranking potentially elite G's

    I like Sorokin as a starter and a star. Shesterkin as a close second and with more experience along with confidence Knight can easily over take both. But not for a while. Would I deal Laf for Sorokin? No. Laf is going to be special. Depends how deep you are but even then, unless it’s in a package for a top 3 goalie then no. Good luck
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    Default Re: Ranking potentially elite G's

    In a dynasty where goalies are hard to come by, Id trade Laf for one of them if your lacking in the goalie department and have a solid forward core. Id rank them
    Shesterkin/ sorokin
    But any one of them could end up being the best.

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    Default Re: Ranking potentially elite G's

    First off, I'd rank them as you have them but not sure about any gaps. All three are as good as it gets for young goalies in the league today although Knight is a tad more unproven compared to the other two, if only by a hair.

    As far as the trade goes, I'd move Lafreniere for any of them given the opportunity. It's always easier to draft a good young skater than it is to figure out a good young goalie.
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    Default Re: Ranking potentially elite G's

    I also agree that all of these guys are close, the gaps are small, but if we rank them, I agree with Shesterkin/Sorokin and then Knight. Personally, unless I am absolutely desperate, and I do mean desperate, I am not moving Lafreniere to acquire any of them. I have far more confidence in Lafreniere evolving into an elite forward than I do with any of these Goalies achieving that elite status.
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    Default Re: Ranking potentially elite G's


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