League 1 : 20 yahoo h2h teamer with defensive stats. needs at least 9 DET players at all times in season (all players owned count towards this)
- rosters, one of each specific hitter starting (LF/CF/RF for OF), 1 util. 5 SP, 6 RP, 1 P. at most one of the 5 BN spots can be used for pitchers. 10 DL's (if you have more you can add to list that nobody else can add, albeit you can't be hoarding them up from FA, also suspendeds can be put on list), 10 NA. max 10 prospect elig players either on list or in NA slots (can also use BN slots for prospects), players are prospect elig for list if not over 150 at bats/50 season innings. when a player goes over those they have to be called up/dropped/traded away. need at least 9 players from team of your name in season, in event of real life trade a few days leeway time given. in preseason can keep up to full max roster, prospect max 10 besides, also anybody hurt or suspended doesn't count towards active max kept. also anybody not in yahoo can be owned and if owned counts towards prospect max 10 while being on list. can call up/send down prospects till 150/50.
- scoring: hitters: runs, hits, doubles, triples, HR, RBI, steals, BB's, AVG, OPS and defensive stats: putouts double plays, assists, fielding %. min 35 innings per matchup week.
- pitchers: wins, complete games, shutouts, K's, ERA, WHIP, saves, holds, K/9, relief wins, relief appearances, OBP against (this'll be removed next year as it's WHIP), QS, pickoffs, double plays

- available roster (DET, doing badly, somewhat from inactive owner, who tells me today he needs to be replaced):
- hitters: mondesi, alfaro, goodrum, w.castro, a.riley, muncy, grossman, upton, a.garcia, pillar, miggy, farmer, x.edwards, knowles, torrens, f.cordero
- pitchers: r.hill, mize, boyd, pineda, shoemaker, senzatela, turnbull, manoah, g.soto, b.garcia, lowther, e.marshall, colome, floro, crochet, cisnero, kowar, f.perez, m.manning, k.muller, b.burrows, faedo

- League 2: 16 team yahoo roto dynasty
- rosters: max 7 prospect list off roster. anybody hurt/suspended doesn't count towards max active roster kept players in preseason. can be called up/sent down whenever till 130/50. one of each hitting spot (LF/CF/RF) plus CI/MI and 2 any OF, 2 utils (so a deep 16'er). 5 SP, 5 RP, 1 P, 3 BN, 10 DL (but if more they can be stashed on list/fake rosters set up for prospects/extra DL's/suspendeds), 4 NA.
- scoring: runs, hits, HR, RBI, steals, steals %, total bases, OBP, slugging, OPS, QS, wins, ERA, WHIP, K/9, saves, holds, net saves, K/BB, max 1750 innings.

- available team: (1):
- hitters: vazquez, caratini, j.rojas (ARI), farmer, l.urias, cron, wong, upton, straw, pillar, cooper, heredia, locastro, miggy, a.young, vogelbach, torrens, arraez, quinn, a.thomas, h.ramos, abrams, torkelson, puason, moniak
- pitchers: c.burnes, greinke, i.anderson, yarbrough, cobb, turnbull, ottavino, montero, barlow, t.rogers (SF), patino, teheran, lorenzen, b.garcia, jurado, k.muller, kowar, m.manning

- League 3: 20 team roto yahoo keep 6-9 yearly, no round costs.
- rosters: shallow yahoo here. 1 of each hitting spot (3 any OF), 1 util. 2 SP, 2 RP, 3 P, 7 BN, 2 NA, 10 DL. max 1250 innings
- scoring: 7x7 with OPS/XBH/QS/holds added to normal 5x5 stuff
- available roster (1):
- hitters: mookie, alonso, mccann, belt, goldy, kim, j.turner, harper, hampson, margot, a.rosario, madrigal, eaton, witt, r.nunez

- pitchers: wheeler, mccullers, maeda, dolis, mcgee, montas, civale, fairbanks

[email protected] for interest. have to be able to read message board in these leagues (esp leagues 1 and 2), if phone issue doing that don't inquire.