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Thread: Which Goalies to Play for Remaining 8 Games

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    Default Which Goalies to Play for Remaining 8 Games

    I have 8 games remaining to be played in my Roto league. There are 5 points up for grabs in the tight GAA and SV% categories. Could be the difference between 1st and 3rd…

    Thoughts on who I should start (obviously pending who the team actually starts)…?

    Tues May 4th:
    Sorokin vs BUF
    Demko vs EDM

    Wed May 5th:
    Shesterkin vs WAS
    Hellebuyck vs CGY
    Markstrom vs WPG

    Thurs May 6th:
    Shesterkin vs BOS
    Sorokin vs NJ
    Demko vs EDM

    Sat May 8th:
    Shesterkin vs BOS
    Hellebuyck vs OTT
    Sorokin vs NJ
    Demko vs EDM
    10 Team 5 Keeper Roto....Stats are:G,A,+/-,PIM,PPP,SOG,FW and W,SO,GAA,SV%:

    BEN-I.Shesterkin(G),I.Sorokin(G),T.Demko(G),N.Kadri(C) ,V.Trocheck(C)

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    Default Re: Which Goalies to Play for Remaining 8 Games

    I would go with:

    Sorokin (it's the Sabres)
    Helly (Sutter and the Flames zzzzz)
    Sorokin again
    Helly or Sorokin if he didn't play Thursday

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Which Goalies to Play for Remaining 8 Games

    Not sure you'll get to 8 here....

    1. Sorokin

    2. Helle vs Markstrom
    3. Markstrom vs Helle (Georgiev confirmed for NYR)

    Then I'd see where I'm at before Saturday. Don't love any Thursday matchups if Sorokin doesn't play...

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