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Thread: 12 teams NHL weekly H2H Multi-Cats (Custom categories) KEEPER LEAGUE with farm system, semi-weekly rosters and playoffs on Fantrax / LOOKING FOR SERIOUS OWNERS.

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    Lightbulb STARTING 12 teams NHL weekly H2H Multi-Cats (Custom categories) KEEPER LEAGUE with simple small farm system, semi-weekly rosters and playoffs on Fantrax / LOOKING FOR SERIOUS OWNERS.

    Starting a league on fantrax, no rush but looking for GMs. We will draft when we have our 12 GMs. Looking for committed GMs. We communicate mostly throught Discord.

    The cost is 50$usd per GMs, this year's fee rolling into next year. We use Fantrax Treasurer.

    Every team have 30 active players (including 10 bench) and 25 minor prospects. The daily starting rosters are:
    4 C, 4 RW, 4 LW, 6 D2 Goalie
    Every week, each GM will face another GM, and every one will have to set his roster on a daily basis.

    The categories are as follow:
    G -Goals, (A1) -Primary Assist, PPP -Power Play Points, -PIM -Negative Penalty Minutes, FOW -Faceoff wins, Hits, Blks -Blocks, Tk -Takeaways, BG -Big Goals (PPG, SHG, GWG), HT - Hat Tricks, SOG - Shots on Goal
    W -Wins, GAA -Goals Against Average, SV% -Save Percentage, SV -Saves, SHO -Shutouts

    • Every year, before the draft, GMs can ask the Commissionner or the Co-Commissionner for a vote to change one or more categories.

    Here are some of the bylaws:

    • -BOG- Board of Governors: composed of the 12 GMs.
    • -CMS- Commissioner: Jean-Loup, the owner of this league.
    • -C-CMS- Co-Commissioner: The GM elected every year by the BOG to serve as co-Commissioner and represents the interests of the GMs.


    • The CMS has the final say in anything, but will use his good sense and act with reason. He will consult the BOG and the C-CMS as often as possible.
    • Every Year, before the draft of the season, the BOG will vote to elect a representative for the year (the C-CMS). Every GM of the league except for the CMS will be able to vote, everyone having an equal amount of vote (1), and the result will require a majority of votes.
    • Both the CMS and the C-CMS will have the right to veto any transaction and are required to do so only when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, the C-CMS is required to always act in the best interest of the GMS and shouldn't use his powers for any type of personnal advantage.
    • Every GM has to pay the cost of 50$ USD every year, before the payment limit date.
    • We use Discord to communicate, the link is in the message board. All GMs are required to join the discord
    • Every year, GMs can organise a BOG session between the end of the playoffs and the date of the next draft, to discuss and vote on issues or changes to these Bylaws or to the league rules (for example, a division realignment, a change to the draft system, etc.).
      • To request such a meeting, a vote of 7 GMs is required.
      • As soon as such a vote has resulted in a majority voting in favor of it, the CMS has a week to schedule a date for the annual BOG session.

    Those are the draft rules:

    • There will be only 1 draft held, with each GM drafting for both active players and prospects. The draft order for the first draft will be randomized and use serpentine.
    • Draft picks can be traded during the draft.
    • After the first draft, the next ones will be held after the NHL entry draft and the order will be determined by the ranking of the previous season.
    • If tanking becomes a problem, the CMS reserves itself the right to implement a lottery for the first 3 picks.

    The claims rules

    • Every GM can have 4 claims per week.
    • Teams in playoffs can claim players.

    The Prospects rules:

    • Every team has 25 minor league spots. These are used for minor leaguers based on our eligibility rules.

    • Teams may protect a total of eight prospects at any time (players still eligible for minor league spots at the end of season).

    • All the prospects will be drafted in the same draft as the active players.

    • Prospects/draft picks may be included in all trades; however, if the manager receiving a prospect has more than the maximum allowed, they must drop one.

    • After they played 25 games in the NHL, the prospects lose their eligibility to the minor spots and must be rostered on the active roster or dropped/ traded in the following week.

    • A player can be called up from the farm at any time. However, once they are called up, they can’t be sent back down. If a player is called up, the GM must drop a player, if it is necessary to maintain a main roster size of 30. Calling up a player does not count as the one add per week.

    • Farm players cannot be placed on IR.

    • Once a prospect has been sent up in the active roster, he has a week to be sent back down to the minors, after that time he cannot be sent back down again.

    The Playoff Rules

    • The top 8 teams will enter the playoffs and battle for the title, the two top teams from each division graduating.
    • We will use "Reseed each playoff round"
    • In the event of a tie in a playoff series, the following rules are applied:

    Prizes are given at the end of the season and playoffs, and are made of the entre fee money, minus the fantrax fee. The prizes are divided between the top two at H2H after the season, and the top 3 at the end of playoffs

    The Keeper Rules

    • Every GM can protect 6 players from his active players and 8 players from his minors every year (a maximum of 8 minor players). The amount of active players protected can be increased to 8 if the 2 spots are being filled by prospects who were protected as prospect keepers by the same owner at the end of last season.The maximum total amount of keepers is 16.
    • The protected players (Keepers) are to be set before the deadline to submit them (see Important Dates in the message board)

    Leaving the league?

    • If you wish to leave the league at any point, please give as much notice as possible. In the ideal situation, a replacement will be found and they will take over your team. If no replacement is found, the roster of that team is subject to a draft (in the similar manner to the prospect draft) with the order being determined by the reverse order of the season results. Refund is not guaranteed if the notice is less than 2 months in advance and no replacement GM has been found.

    Message me if you need more info (like the complete bylaws) and the link of the league, or even just for comments and suggestions!
    [email protected]
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