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Thread: Marner Value

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    Default Marner Value

    How much value are you giving Marner in the league below?

    A GM keeps sending me offers for Marner, and it's gotten to the point where it's so annoying I told him to stop sending me offers and if I'll want to move him, I'll send him an offer.

    But here's the offers he's sent, is there any value here.

    Barzal, 1st, 2nd, 3rd rounder (7,8,9 after keepers)
    Svech, 3rd
    Barzal, Boeser, 1st, 2nd
    Barzal, Nylander, Hart, (Bunch of garbage), 1st, 2nd

    I sent Marner, Pettersson for Matthews, Svech, 1st, 2nd as a joke and he rejected it obviously. Would you say Marner is a top 10 player now?
    12 team, H2H, 6 keeper league (Keepers in Bold)
    G, A, Pts, +/-, PPP, PIM, FW
    W, GAA, S%, Saves
    2C, 2RW, 2LW, 4D, 2G

    C: Eichel, Pettersson,
    LW: Hoffman (RW), Pavelski (C), Greenway (RW)
    RW: Marner, Ehlers (LW), Hornqvist, Brown
    D: Carlson, Makar, Theodore, Doughty, Pietrangelo
    G: Hellebuyck, Bobrovsky, Blackwood
    IR: Dach,
    NA: Robertson

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    Default Re: Marner Value

    Some of these offers are actually very good, however it's important to know where you are in the league - are you challenging? My concern is if you're not challenging this year, then Marner is the only one out of all of them that is a keeper (possibly Hart?). If you're challenging then something like Barz and all those picks, or Barz and Boeser is definitely something i would consider.

    I would stay away from Hart given your goalie situation and Svech isn't that great without hits (he's very good, but he's not going to be a difference maker).

    Give us a bit more info and this deal could be good, however, make sure you dangle Marner also! No point in just letting one person get dibs.
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    Team Two (Hamilton)
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    Default Re: Marner Value

    In a limited keeper he's looking to upgrade his which means you're downgrading yours.

    The offers he's sent are ok but they only give you a boost for this season and next, at which point Marner wins out beyond that.

    If it were me, I wouldn't be looking to downgrade my keepers unless it's going to put me over the top, at which point I'd consider loading up for the stretch run, but that's up to you.

    Otherwise I would let him know that the only way I'm moving Marner is if I get a better player back. My guess is he's not interested at that point.

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    Default Re: Marner Value

    Overall, the other GM is making some pretty reasonable offers. Having said that, I also agree with the above. In a limited keeper (keep 6 in your case), your top objective is to gather the best group of keepers possible, that will be with you year over year. And in this case, I like Barzal, but he's a downgrade from Marner and any of your other keepers, especially up front. If you were making a run at it this year, then pursuing this road might make sense. But otherwise, I would probably just pass.
    12 Teams, 23 Players (max 4 goalies), H2H, Keep 15 (max 2 goalies)
    2C, 2RW, 2LW, 3F, 4D, 2G, 8 Bench, 2 IR+
    G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, HIT, BLK, W, SV, SV%, SHO

    C - Matthews, Pettersson, Hughes (LW), Kadri
    LW - Svechnikov (RW), Kaprizov (RW), Meier (RW), Goodrow (C), Comtois (RW)
    RW - Pastrnak, Rantanen, Fiala (LW)
    D - Hamilton, Chabot, Rielly, Dahlin​, Pulock, Dillon, Hakanpaa
    G - Price, Shesterkin, Sorokin, Murray
    IR - McNabb, Teravainen

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    Default Re: Marner Value

    i be asking for Barzal, Svechnikov and 1st to even consider it..Marner is on another level him right now is actually good idea but you need to get more than you would lest say last year....and i think you would get most those offers last year as well...shot for the moon or keep
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    C: Eichel, Kadri, Mcdavid, Sodeberg, Schenn
    LW: Ehlers, Landeskog, Meier, Debrusk, Foegele, Lee
    RW: Pastrnak, Marner, Palmieri, Terry, D. Brown, Bailey, Granlund
    D: Krug, Josi, Ekholm, Faulk, Muzzin, Karlsson, Cernak,
    G: Hellebuyck, Biship, M Jones

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    Default Re: Marner Value

    To me, it's got to be Svechnikov + to consider things. Your format doesn't have Svech quite at the same level as Marner (although those do exist), so you need to figure out if there's anything else that would work for you.
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    D: Carlson, Fox, Makar, M Reilly, Letang, Marino,
    F1: Couturier, Giroux, Voracek
    F2: Schiefele, Wheeler, MacKinnon
    F3: Stamkos, Point, Guentzel
    F4: Tavares, JT Miller, Pearson

    G: F Andersen
    D: DeAngelo, Heiskanen, Klingberg, Pionk, Ekblad
    F: Benn, Seguin, Gurianov, Necas, Bertuzzi, Eriksson Ek
    Reserve: Datsyuk

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    Default Re: Marner Value

    Your pool is prime fodder for Marner. Hes young, on a very good offensive team, and has paced at 90+ points before.

    I love Svechnikov but in this pool Marner is on another level. I'm not trading him for very many players in this format.

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