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Thread: HR's Week 11 Lineups

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    Default HR's Week 11 Lineups

    Biiiiiiiiig week in my other 2 leagues. Team 1 is in 3rd and looking to jump up. Team 2 just needs to hold steady and I should lock up a bye easily.

    Both 0.5 PPR. Both had 20.26 from Kyler on Thursday

    Team 1

    Choose 1 WR, 1 RB and 1 Flex

    DJ Moore vs Det
    Cooks vs NE
    Duke vs NE
    Gio @ Wash
    Gibson vs Cin

    Team 2

    Choose 1 WR and 1 Flex

    Chark vs Pit
    Woods @ TB
    Ballage vs NYJ

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    Default Re: HR's Week 11 Lineups

    Team 1
    WR - Moore
    RB - Gibson
    Flex - Gio

    I don't like Duke Johnson because his yards per rush have been poor and even though he's a good pass catching back, they're not throwing to him. I think DJ Moore is a little more dependable than Cooks.

    Team 2

    WR - Woods
    Flex - Chark

    In any circumstance, it is hard for me to see Ballage ending up with a big week. Woods and Chark have better chances to be difference makers.

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    Default Re: HR's Week 11 Lineups


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