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Thread: Your First Round (top-12)

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    Default Your First Round (top-12)

    As always I like projecting the first round of picks in one-year leagues. This year is especially tricky because we do not know when the league will start or what the schedule will look like. Also, key injuries to Pastranak and Marchand may effect the top-12.
    All that being said here is my current top-12 for my league (in signature)
    1. McDavid
    2. Draisaitl
    3. Kucherov
    4. MacKinnon

    To me this is the top-4 and then there is a clear gap, arguments can be made for basically any order of these four depending on each league settings and whether Draisaitl and MacKinnon have winger eligibility.

    5. Ovechkin still the SOG, G and PPP King. Hits above average
    6. Marchand a consistent stud, back mid-January might mean to missed games
    7. Matthews those high SOG and G numbers are sweet.
    8. Panarin winger with great point and PPP totals
    9. P. Kane not really slowing down at all
    10. Crosby steady as they come. Good for 85+.
    11. Eichel a solid season and now has Taylor Hall
    12. Marner - rounds out the top-12

    Who Ya Got??
    12 team H-2-H 1 year league, daily roster changes, 3 goalie start minimum/week
    2xC, 2xRW, 2xLW, 4xD, 3xUtil, 2xG, 5 Bench
    G, A, P, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG, Hits, W, SV%, GAA, SVs
    C: L. Draisaitl (LW), S. Aho (LW), J. Pageau, A. Henrique
    LW: E. Kane, I. Kovalchuk (RW), T. Konecky (RW)
    RW: B. Wheeler, T. Wilson, P. Buchnevich (LW), K. Fiala ( C, LW) ,
    D: K. Letang, S. Weber, M. Giordano, D. Nurse, J. Petry
    G: D. Kuemper, M. Smith, J. Gibson, A. Stalock

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    Default Re: Your First Round (top-12)

    Given your banger stats I move Ovechkin up bump Kucherov out of the top 4. Marner is not top 12. I’d probably bump Crosby out too and maybe Marchand because of the surgery and add Aho, Svechnikov, and Brady Tkachuk.
    12 team Yahoo keeper (keep 3)
    6 F, 4 D - 82 max; roster 2 G max - 123 games max

    F: Matthews, Barkov, Byron, JT Miller, R Smith, Armia
    D: Makar, Barrie, Weber, Hughes
    G: Price, Francouz

    B: Olofsson, B Tkachuk
    IR: Klefbom, Shesterkin

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    Default Re: Your First Round (top-12)

    ^Initial sketch but my list would be something like this.

    Pastrnak is tough because he should be in the top 10 but if the season starts on time he'll miss too many games to warrant it.
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    Default Re: Your First Round (top-12)

    Good question and I can see a few different variations for when the season starts.

    12 team H-2-H 1 year league, daily roster changes, 3 goalie start minimum/week
    2xC, 2xRW, 2xLW, 4xD, 3xUtil, 2xG, 5 Bench
    G, A, P, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG, Hits, W, SV%, GAA, SVs

    I'll take a rough stab at it (can switch around a few guys easily):

    1. McDavid
    2. MacKinnon (ahead of Draisaitl because of significant SOG advantage, but if Draisaitl (still) has LW eligibility then you can argue putting him at #2)
    3. Draisaitl
    4. Ovechkin (SOG/Hits/Goals still strong even though point totals are not. Might slip a bit with Points as a category, though)
    5. Kucherov (could see him higher than Ovechkin if you believe he gets back to previous season's production)
    6. Matthews (more goals than Eichel)
    7. Eichel (will Hall help? does it matter?)
    8. Marchand (draft position could vary depending on return)
    9. Crosby (when healthy still one of the best)
    10. P. Kane (consistent and high SOG helps)
    11. Pastrnak (this low only because of when he might return. If you have a few IR slots then it might not hurt as much drafting him in the first round)
    12. Vasilevskiy (H2H league devalues goalies but hard not to put him here.)

    Not sure if I'm missing anyone obvious so maybe the bottom few could be interchanged with others.

    I also noticed is that there are 3 utility slots so that generally means positions can be devalued a bit.

    I hesitated putting Panarin in there because his SOG totals (and other peripherals) aren't as strong as most others but the argument could be made to put him there. Marner for similar reasons but he's below Panarin IMO and I don't consider him for the first round.

    I don't overvalue hits in H2H leagues, especially with Points as a category and 13 categories in total, as you could probably fill that more in the next few rounds. Also, H2H means you only need to win your matchup, so if you have a strong offense then that should help most weeks. Of course, balance is important but for the first round I'm mainly focusing on top offensive players.

    Not sure any D should go in top 12 as I could see a few having strong years, but strong enough for first round? Carlson, Josi, Burns possibly top three in whichever order, but don't know about Carlson having as strong a season as the last one.

    Like you mentioned LawMan, it seems like there's a few at the top and then a gap where you can argue a number of them in different positions.

    Good discussion. Would be interesting to revisit as we get closer to the season.

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