Trade deadline is a few hours away. Need some quick thoughts on whether I should take an offer of a 1st round pick for DJ Moore. It's a 12 team, keep 4 (no penalty) PPR league. I know it sounds obvious that DJ Moore is a top 48 keeper player, but it's important to keep in mind that rookies and teams with more than 4 studs will make the first round interesting. It's coming from a team that's tied for 2nd, but also one game away from dropping to 10th place. So, this pick could be from 3-12 in the re-draft. If I did this trade, my 4 keepers would almost certainly be...

Michael Thomas
Chris Godwin
Nick Chubb
Jonathan Taylor

Does having those four as options open up the chance to deal DJ Moore for a 1st? I don't think this is going to be a good season for me. Doing this trade basically removes me from contention, but sets me up with a third 1st round pick next year, to add to those 4. Anyone think Moore is worth holding onto at the expense of one of the aforementioned four, or should I grab the pick? Taylor is really the only one I could see dropping for Moore.

Thanks for any quick thoughts! Basically need to decide in the next few hours.