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Thread: Stuetzle hurt - has surgery

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    Default Stuetzle hurt - has surgery

    Heard it was an arm first. Hand is much much worse. Yikes.
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    Default Re: Stuetzle hurt - has surgery

    Quote Originally Posted by tweetdrivr View Post

    Heard it was an arm first. Hand is much much worse. Yikes.
    Assuming their is no complications in terms of nerves, he'll be fine. I've broken my right hand 4 times and my left 2 times, it just takes time. Also, I realize he's a professional hockey player and people will say it's different, but at the time of breaking my hands I was a semi-professional in a certain sport which involved hands (I'm not going to say what because it always sounds big-headed which is not the point).

    Not ideal he misses some of the season but he could be back as early as 4 weeks if it heals quickly.
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    Default Re: Stuetzle hurt - has surgery

    Sens medical staff have PLENTY of experience with broken hands (thanks Bobby Ryan!). Hope this turns out to be a minor blip. Can't wait to see this guy in a Sens uniform.
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