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Thread: Is Bob still worth this?

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    Default Re: Is Bob still worth this?

    Cap league, hard NO.

    Even not in a cap league my first instinct was to pass. Jenik is a player and has a good shot to make it.

    Petersen will be the starter on a very promising LA team very soon, if not this season.

    JA is a great multi cat own.

    3rd overall is still quite an upgrade on 6th overall.

    Having said that, your team is stacked but man your goalies are weak. I'd look for cheaper options but if that's all that's out there, you can't be half pregnant so take it and go all in for the cup and pray BOB returns to his former self.

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    Default Re: Is Bob still worth this?

    No thank you.. His last two years have been scary for me.. His GAA has been climbing the past four years, while his save percentage has dropped drastically..
    If this is me, I am looking at a cheaper option in net while keeping all those assets.. If I was trading that package, I would want a goalie I can trust.. So my opinion, no trade..
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