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Thread: Who should I start in playoffs?

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    Default Who should I start in playoffs?

    Fleury, Holtby, Murray or Jarry?
    Win = 2pts
    S/0 = 2pts

    I was thinking of starting Fleury but his coach just mentionned both Fleury & Lehner are going to have some starts!

    I believe than I should start Holtby? I was scare about Samsonov but I believe he'll have the lead or at least a longer leash...

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    Default Re: Who should I start in playoffs?

    Is this for Day 1, the first round or for the entire playoffs?

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    Default Re: Who should I start in playoffs?


    Not sure what timeframe you're looking at. I would definitely worry about Fleury's leash - there's a reason they added Lehner.

    Murray and Holtby both have young guns chasing after them, but the young guns also fell flat towards the end of the pre-covid regular season. I favor the Capitals over the Penguins because they automatically get into the top 16 whereas the Pens have to win their way in, and Reirden has already stated Holtby has the job to Holtby is the clear pick for me.

    Of course this playoffs could be a total gongshow and everything we predict could be wrong...but that's how I see it from the start.

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    Default Re: Who should I start in playoffs?

    Holtby is the safest pick here, in my opinion. As great as I think Samsonov will be, he isn't their starter until next season. Until then, Holtby and his SC ring is still around. It's his crease.

    Pittsburgh is likely to start Murray in game 1. Let's say that they lose that game, and Murray has a poor performance. Jarry plays game two, and Pittsburgh wins the next three. Suddenly, it's Jarry's job to lose. I'm not interested in that risk.

    Sounds like Vegas is happy to roll with the hot hand, so that is another situation to avoid.

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    Default Re: Who should I start in playoffs?

    Holtby - best bet to start and stick
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