This is for a keep four league (no penalties), 12 team PPR.

I just traded Leonard Fournette for Nick Chubb. All of the rankings told me this was a no brainer. I had a bit of hesitation because of Fournette's lack of competition, while Chubb deals with a full season of Hunt. However, one site pointed out Jacksonville signed Chris Thompson, which could cut into Fournette's insane (catch) target share from last year. Plus, Jacksonville is just so bad offensively. I had to pull the trigger.

I'm in a separate discussion right now that involves a base of sending Julio Jones for Alvin Kamara. This is another one that looks like kind of no brainer on paper, especially given their ages in a keeper league. But, I do have Michael Thomas, and I have concerns building around a single team (might Brees retire soon and hurt the Saints outlook?). Julio has been a PPR monster for me for so long. Thoughts here?