Has anyone else ever played this baseball game series? I have not played it since the first one but I am quite excited for the newest version to come out next week. They have added a franchise mode where players physically age (they can get fatter and greyer!) and their attributes change over time as well. New players are constantly being added to the free agent pool. There is no draft or trade functions but free agents can be signed at any point and players can be released if you want to replace the player with a free agent. 2-5 players per team will ask for new contracts every off-season to increase the turn over between seasons. This reminds me a lot of how Baseball Stars on the Nintendo used to work. That was the greatest baseball game of all time.

They are also going to be releasing custom "seasons" where you and a group of up to 32 friends can set up a single season with stat tracking and this will be cross-platform. This sounds like a great function.

I will be buying this game on release day.