Just posting this here to let you know about some changes on the Frozen Tools side. Nobody is obliged to contribute. The website remains free. We're expecting low numbers out of the gate due to the current world situation but the goal is to grow this over time.


Below is from our public post on the Patreon page:

Frozen Tools has experienced tremendous growth over the past couple years. Traditionally, our income has come from web ads. While they are a decent source of revenue, there are all kinds of factors outside of our control that can cut significantly into our gains. Unfortunately this makes it difficult to continue putting so much time into generating new tools and ensuring the full site is in top condition.

So here we are in the Patreon world. The website remains completely free, however for those of you who wish to further support us we will offer a bit of extra value. You can even use this space as a more private area to chat about fantasy hockey without rival GMs watching you!

Our higher tier offers a monthly Excel file containing reports not found in Frozen Tools. This is a work in progress, however here are some ideas out of the gate:

  • All game logs for the current year
  • Buy/Sell report (found on player profile page) for the whole league
  • Data and information to help generate sim league player ratings
  • Combinations of existing Frozen Tools reports