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Thread: Klefbom, Keith or McAvoy?

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    Cool Klefbom, Keith or McAvoy?

    G A PPP +- SOG Hits Blks
    H2H, 10 team league

    Drop 1 ROS

    My other D: Hedman, Provorov, Edler

    Klefbom: Plays 4 games next week. Is a SOG and Blk beast. Does he take pp1 back from injury!?

    Keith: Is PP1, no doubt. He is in beast mode. Very seldom hits, but every other category is on point

    McAvoy: Fills peripherals, even if itís only a hit or two a game +, also in beast mode the last 3 weeks or so

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    Default Re: Klefbom, Keith or McAvoy?

    For the record, here’s the amount of games played per final weeks of the season.
    Edmonton : 4,3,4
    Boston: 3,4,3
    Chicago: 3,4,3
    So close yet again.

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    Default Re: Klefbom, Keith or McAvoy?

    I picked up Keith a few weeks back. If I had Klefbom and McAvoy as well, Keith would be the odd man out.
    Yahoo! 12 Team H2H (1win - Roto) Keep 6
    2C, 2RW, 2LW, 1Ut, 4D, 3G, 6Bench
    W, GAA, Sv%, SHO 4 weekly starts
    4 weekly acquisitions

    C: McDavid , Scheifele, LW: Marchand,
    D: Rielly, G: Vasilevskiy, Andersen

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    Default Re: Klefbom, Keith or McAvoy?

    Klefbom for me. He's got his spot back on that Oilers pp1, I wouldnt want to miss out on that. the gp is in his favour as well.

    12 team H2H Most Cats Wins; Keep 6/winner keeps 7; G A PPP +/- SHP SOG HIT BLK PIM // W SV GAA SV% SHO
    3 C, 3 LW, 3 RW, 6D, 2G, 5 bench

    C - McDavid, Crosby, Tavares
    LW - Hall, Skinner, Rust, Kreider, van Riemsdyk
    RW - Tarasenko, Meier, Brown, Yamamoto
    D - Barrie, Hamilton, Klefbom, Ristolainen, Pulock, Spurgeon
    G - Andersen, Varlamov, Lehner, Crawford

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    Default Re: Klefbom, Keith or McAvoy?

    Klefbom...I just dropped Keith myself after using him for a fill in. He's gone cold over the last week.
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    C - E.Malkin, R.Getzlaf, J.Pageau, J.Toews, P.Danault, J.Marchessault

    LW - B.Marchand, C.Keller, J.Guentzel, K.Connor,N.Gusev, J.Zucker, T.Toffoli, D.Kubalik

    RW - A.DeBrincat,, V.Tarasenko, M.Hoffman, V.Olofsson, K.Yamamoto, R.Strome

    D - T.DeAngello, T.Krug, Q.Hughes,E.Gustafsson, M.Borowiecki, J.Muzzin, S.Theodore, J.Klingberg, O.Klefbom

    G - S.Bobrovski, F.Andersen, B.Bishop, I.Shesterkin

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    Default Re: Klefbom, Keith or McAvoy?

    Klefbom is my pick too.
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